Pneumonia – Causes, Symptoms and Preventive Tips


Pneumonia is one of the diseases that have high mortality and morbidity, especially in children below five years of age. According to data collected and presented by WHO, India accounts for nearly one-third of South-East Asia’s under-five mortality caused by this disease. This disease can range between a mild and severe case where the former […]

Simple and creative ideas for outdoor privacy screen

Home and Garden

Privacy screens provide privacy and security to your room exteriors and also define the periphery of your property. The growth in the field of material and manufacturing processes has made it possible to provide you a wide range of privacy screen options. You can choose for different size, shapes, shades, and designs. Ranging from the […]

ERP for Construction – eresource Nfra makes the best choice

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When a time the construction businesses worldwide are on its growth path, the large and mid-sized construction companies and its subordinates braches like sub-contracting companies are looking for a easy to use, rapid to deploy ERP system that will be cost-effective. eresource Nfra being such an ERP for Construction,  companies that are dealing with construction […]

6 Interesting Features of Dedicated Hosting Server That You Must Know

Technology Web Hosting

A dedicated hosting server is what everybody demands. But hardly a few know about its essential features that need to be included in it. This creates the difference. You may find easy to install a dedicated hosting server for your website, but when it comes to up-gradation it is important to remember that not every […]

Guide for Self Employed: 4 Steps to Ensure Approval of Home Loan Application


As a self-employed professional, the best part is that you are your own boss and have the power to do things your way. You not only make independent decisions but do the kind of work which you always wanted to. However, all this also comes with its own set of challenges. One such challenge is […]