10 Tips for Buying the Perfect Bra


Nothing boosts the confidence, of a woman, more than a nice fitting bra; a bra which blends in with our attire gracefully. But all this sound like a distant dream as buying this small piece of clothing is probably the most difficult task on Earth. You have to think a hundred times before buying it. In this time of virtual reality, buying a bra online is one big perilous task. You constantly fret about the fitting and color matching etc.  The main problem is that we cannot share our dilemmas with anyone. Many women don’t like talking about it openly. There is no guarantee that the ones who do will give the best advice. So, the next time you enter a ladies underwear shop or buy a bra online, following guidelines would help you out: –

  1. Find the right brand

Only buy bras of the brand whose fitting suits you the best. If you don’t have any favorite brand in mind, then try various brands to find your best fit. Choose one which provides a gamut of sizes, shapes and colors.

  1. List it out

Plan in advance and list all your requirements before you go out for bra shopping. Two nude bras, two black ones, one strapless and one sports bra should be a must in your collection.

  1. Recognize your body type

Read guide books and refer websites of style and body experts to find out what your body type is. Top heavy “apple” shape and bottom heavy “pear” shape, both have different bra sizes just like the other body shapes.

  1. Do it right by being open-minded

It is completely fine if you are a size 24 or 26 or 40. You will have to be open minded about it. It is you who has to fit in it and not the person you are scared of being judged by.

  1. Transparency check

Before you buy it, always check how well your bra goes with your apparel. Wear it below the most see-through dress you own to check how it goes with it and how much body does it cover.

  1. Distinguish the good from the bad

Don’t be too lazy. Try as many bras as possible unless you find your fit. Consider all the small details like digging, spillage, gaping, bulges and riding up. Stand in front of the mirror and access yourself thoroughly.

  1. Numbers don’t matter

The size is after all just a number, and all brands have different style scales. Comfort and fitting should be your aim; rest all can be managed.

  1. Accessorize

Sometimes just a bra cannot provide the kind of fitting you require. Nothing is perfect after all; it might fall short of something or the other. Buy accessories like breast petals and double sided tape if necessary.

  1. Repeat the above every 6 months

It is vital to check your fitting every 6-8 months, as a woman’s body tends to change due to hormonal fluctuations, weight gain, etc. Replace the old ones every six months because their fitting distorts with time due to wear and tear.

  1. Maintenance is a must

To avoid wear and tear while keeping a bra with the others, always remember to clasp the hook. This doesn’t let the hook cling to some other bra or cloth. You should always hand-wash your bras to avoid shape distortion.

So, before you go for buying a bra online, do not forget to read these tips once again.

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