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How to Buy the Best Refrigerator for Your Needs

Refrigerators aren’t boring like they used to be in the old days. Nowadays, manufacturers are constantly coming up with new ideas, features, designs and technologies to make refrigerators great again. Whether you’re replacing your old refrigerator or just remodeling your kitchen, buying a new one that matches your requirements and budget can be overwhelming. Here ...

A Date With A Difference: Unique Valentine Day Escapes

Valentines Day is fast approaching. For those struggling for ideas that don’t want to settle for a conventional date, here are a few ideas that could spice up the occasion. Live music If you and your partner are both fans of your music, why not follow up a dinner date with a gig or concert? Valentines Day ...

10 Tips to Speed up Magento E-commerce Site Performance

When you handle a Magento E-commerce site, its loading speed and smooth performance matters a lot for you. Usually, faster Websites make users happy and they love to go for your products and services time and again. But, if your site is slow, it leads to dissatisfaction among your customers and they don't love to ...