5 Must-visit Places to Enjoy in Bangalore


Bangalore known as the garden city of India has a lot of places to visit. If tourists are passing through Bangalore, then they can spend one whole day in Bangalore. However, the travel must be planned in prior by sketching the places where you want to visit. Not only Indians but foreigners also visit this place for its rich history and scenic beauty.

  • Lal Bagh

Lal Bagh is a greenery park comprises a river and a hilltop. It is situated in the middle of the city hence it is easily accessible to all the tourists. One should never miss this place for its beautiful sight, and that’s the reason tourists get attracted to this place very easily. The Lal BaghLake is one awesome place where one can be moved by the beauty of the lake. It attracts the tourists who love nature and panoramic views spread by it.

  • CubbonPark

Cubbon Park is ideally visited for enjoying the early mornings and evenings. With marvelous natural sceneries and birds flying around, this place is ideal to relax in the tiring schedule. Cubbon Park is very good if one is looking to take pictures. Among the nature lovers, this place has got a different significance due to some of the rare species of birds and animals can be seen here in their natural surroundings. For the animal lovers also this place holds great importance.

  • Nandi Hills

Like the name, Nandi hills is one of the popular tourist attractions in Bangalore. It is known for its spectacular sunrise and sunset from the top. Nandi hills must be your first spot early in the morning in the travel plan. It is also called as Nandidurg or Nandi Betta. Nandidurg is a slope fortification arranged in Chikkabalapur. One can visit this place for its scenic beauty and photographers can grab a lot of pictures in this place. It is located close to the town of Nandi and river Arkavathy. The location is much famous among all those who love to have a single day trip and enjoy some leisure time with friends and families.

  • Wonder la

While visiting Bangalore, one should visit the one and only amusement park Wonder La. As the name suggests, it is a place filled with wonders. If Wonder La is in the travel plan, then the trip guarantees a lot of fun and thrills. In Wonder La, one can find all the crazy games, and that makes wonder La and astounding piece of Bangalore. For a single day trip lovers, this is the perfect destination.

  • VidhanaSoudha

VidhanaSoudha is a building that is very famous in Bangalore. 46m tall building includes 300 rooms, and each room mirrors the worth of Dravidian style of architecture. It is considered as one of the most compulsive structures to visited in Bangalore. Noteworthy history makes the tourists awestruck, and that is the wonder of this tall building. One can use metro trains, cars, bikes or even buses for reaching this place. It is one of the famous destinations in the city that attracts the history lovers and particularly those who are interested in the study of various architectural styles. Visit over talkmug.com for more interesting stuff related to travel games.

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