5 Precautions To Take Before Claiming 100% Bond Money


5 Precautions to take before claiming

Australia is getting populated rapidly. It is becoming the hub for the global business sector as well as private sector. This has allowed rapid migration of people into Australia. This exchange of ideas, culture and knowledge has led to a fast increase in real estate business as well. During the past few decades, property statistics tell that renting a house in Australia has become a matter of difficulties because of the new laws and reforms formed by the government. The Basic issue in renting is to get 100% bond back. This is the main reason why people are scared of renting a house. Nobody wants to lose their hard earned money to the contractor or landlord. It’s not that easy to keep the house in the same condition as it was in during the time of possession to claim 100% bond back when vacating. This is where our services come into light. Let’s see what exactly are the precautions that one should keep in mind when taking possession of the house and during the end of lease vacate cleaning.

1.Compare the condition

You should always compare the condition of the house before taking the possession and during vacating. This can be simply done by clicking the photographs of the house both the times. This proves to be a very crucial step during bond settlement. Photographs were taken before the possession and during vacating of the house act as a proof of the condition of the house. Since most of the people do not remember what was the condition of the house during the possession and the landlord gets a reason to forfeit your bond money. You can share these photographs with your landlord before claiming your bond money.

2.Do not bother about minor wear and tear

Most tenants stress about damages that are because of age or time. Even many major damages are due to normal usage or old age which is totally obvious. Whenever a tenant moves in a house, he/she only gets a cleaned house, not a new house. There is a huge difference. You do not have to pay a penny for the damages that you have not made. However, living in a damaged house is none’s choice and you should fix these minor wear and tear as soon as you move in a house. Seeing the house in a better condition than before can become a good reason for you to claim 100% bond amount from your landlord during vacating the house.

3.Carpet Steam Cleaning

You should always steam clean your carpet. If you can not you should hire a professional carpet cleaning team. Carpets are the key factor as they sustain major damages, dust and grime. Just think, is vacuum cleaning a carpet for a year enough? If yes, just watch what happens when the end of lease cleaning professionals steam clean your carpet. It might change your opinion. Professional End of Lease Cleaning will solve this problem. These professionals are equipped with state-of-the-art cleaning equipment and best cleaning techniques to deliver profound house cleaning.

4.Fumigate the area if you own pets

Pets are cute and lovely. But they also make a lot of mess. From carpets to sofas from a bedroom to kitchen, you can’t always stop them from doing things they like to do in the house. The simplest thing is to avoid any pet in the house, but if you really want to keep pets then taking some precautions will help you to keep the house cleaned and maintained. Spending a few dollars on end of lease cleaning disinfectant specialists will solve all your health and hygiene issues. These professionals decontaminate the complete house and provide germ-free ambience. Also, If you own a pet this condition has to be fulfilled as it would be listed in your agreement a well.

5.Don’t disconnect the electricity and water supply instantly

This is the most important point of all. This leads to a major problem during the final inspection. Let us consider, during the time of final inspection, it might be a case when you might need to make some corrections at that particular time. Without electricity, no one can make any amendments. Please make sure to keep electricity and water supply running until the time of final inspection. When you get the final approval from the concerned person(landlord or agent) disconnect all the utilities supplied. Make sure you take the date stamped photo of all the meters and file your records to the concerned person.

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