5 Reasons You Didn’t Know That Could Be Causing Snoring


While there are many different causes of snoring, in general, it is caused by the narrowing of upper respiratory tract while sleeping. While a lot of snorers already know the common causes of snoring, like lying on the back while sleeping, soft uvula or palate, etc. this post will talk about five reasons you might not know that could be resulting in your snoring to allow you to look for effective Snore treatment.

Snoring is one of the most common problems for adults all over the world. It is said that more than 40% of the adult population all over the world snores. While snorers try a variety of things to treat the snoring problem, many of them are unable to find any effective results.


Tackling the cause of snoring is an excellent way to treat the snoring problem. While common causes, like lying on the back while sleeping, soft uvula or palate, etc. are already known, this post will talk about five uncommon causes of snoring to help you find an effective Snore treatment.

Lack of Exercise

Lack of exercise and overeating will surely increase your weight. This will increase the amount of fat in your throat and will reduce the diameter of the airway to result in snoring. If your collar size is more than 16.5”, you might not be having the muscle tone required to keep airway sufficiently open. Follow a diet and workout on a regular basis to help reduce the snoring problem.

Sedatives and Alcohol

Sedatives and alcohol travel throughout your body and reduces the rate at which the brain responds. This results in increased relaxation of the muscles of the throat while sleeping and causes snoring. Moreover, sedatives and alcohol are also known to result in the problem of obstructive sleep apnea in snorers. Avoid or minimize the consumption or sedatives and alcohol to reduce snoring.


Smoke from cigarettes irritates the throat and nasal cavity lining to cause catarrh and swelling. The nasal passage then gets congested, making it difficult for you to breathe through your nose as the airflow is substantially decreased. The congestion keeps on increasing with every cigarette the smoker smokes, and this intensifies the snoring problem. If you are a smoker, avoiding or reducing smoking can be an excellent Snore treatment.


Allergies, like allergic rhinitis result in symptoms like itching, sneezing, nasal congestion, rhinorrhoea, and postnatal drip. As you can see, these symptoms are all the different causes of snoring. So, if you suffer from such allergies, try to look for effective remedies to treat them, and it will help in reducing your snoring problem.

Multifactoral Snoring

In a lot of snorers, snoring is actually an outcome of multiple causes. For instance, you might be snoring because you keep your mouth open while sleeping. And you might be breathing through your mouth as there is a possibility that you might be suffering from a type of allergy that is resulting in nasal stiffness which is not allowing you to breathe through your nose. So, you will be required to address the problem of mouth breathing as well as nasal stiffness to control snoring.

If you are unable to find a reason for your snoring, the ones mentioned above can be responsible. Address these causes and use effective anti-snoring devices to get rid of your snoring problem.

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