6 Interesting Features of Dedicated Hosting Server That You Must Know

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A dedicated hosting server is what everybody demands. But hardly a few know about its essential features that need to be included in it. This creates the difference.

You may find easy to install a dedicated hosting server for your website, but when it comes to up-gradation it is important to remember that not every server you witness performs the same job. That’s because of the features that result in its hosting solutions.

Whether it is a seedbox hosting server or any other dedicated server, each one of them has their individual characteristics. And it is worth to learn each of them.

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6 Must-Included Features in a Dedicated Hosting Server

Choice of Operating System: In a dedicated hosting server you get the freedom to choose your own operating system. And the best thing is that the server won’t deny this in any case. Whether it is a Windows OS, Linux or any other operating system, the server is compatible with all.

Server Configuration Feature: Other than the flexible OS, you have the option to customize your server configuration as well. Since the dedicated server allows you to access the entire resources instead of sharing the network with other clients, you get the leverage to change your server configuration as per your need.

Security System: The best thing about this dedicated server is they offer high-level security to the business websites. It prevents the websites from data breaching and even from the risk of any kind of cyberattacks. It is thus the most pivotal factor and a reason to rely on the dedicated server.

Whether it is the intrusion prevention, web app security, DDoS protection, malware prevention or virus protection, dedicated servers like seedboxare worth to be mentioned.

Hardware Devices: Next, comes the hardware devices. No doubt, the dedicated servers are a bit expensive with respect to other servers. But here you get an opportunity to access a list of hardware devices.

Indeed you need to look for a hosting server that offers a multitude of hardware devices, but that makes the server distinct from other hosting solutions. Here you get the liability to create a hardware setup that is highly powerful and has a huge capacity.

Control Panel Variations: The assorted options for the control panel make it more convenient for the user to handle the server and its applications. As per your business requirement, you can customize your control panel and enjoy the benefits.

The control panel allows the user to navigate easily with the help of its in-built management tools. cPanel and Plesk are the two popular control panel options used by a majority of businesses across the seven continents.
Extreme Availability: What if you buy a server and it goes offline frequently? Is this efficient for your business website? Definitely, not.

The dedicated servers allow you to get rid of all such negative aspects. It ensures you to have 99.95% availability, allowing the users to access the website whenever they want.

Don’t you think this reason is enough to have a dedicated hosting server for streaming online?


Dedicated servers, for example, seedbox, thus are meant to enhance the website performance of a business. Remember the performance of a business to some extent depends upon the hosting solution you use. So, choosing the best hosting server teamed with the essential features can be a perfect partner.

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