7 Best Fashion Outfits For Men To Try This Season

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The style statement isn’t what you wear on special days, but how you carry the attire every day. Almost everybody can look attractive on specific days. The real fashionista is someone who wears basic outfits and still manages to carry it off fashionably. Fashion means your style. The way you behave and react to certain situations is also a part of your style. To keep your outfit game highly ecstatic, you don’t need expensive suits or royal clothes. All you need is creativity, presence of mind and a good sense of fashion.

If you possess the skills, you can transform even a basic white shirt and denim into something stare-worthy. Whether you’re a formal dress code person or a casual one, you can look good in absolutely any attire. Along with the clothes, even your footwear and accessories are a part of the whole outfit. This is precisely how the fashion lovers stand out amongst the rest. Not only do they invest time in selecting the right clothes, but they also accessorize the attire and go for the matching shoes.

Keep reading to know the basic yet appealing outfits for men that will surely make them look drool-worthy.

Rock The Attire With White Shirt & Denim

For your daily outfits, there’s no need to make extra efforts. You can rock the basic white shirt with a pair of denim quite well. All you need to do is grab the right accessories. From men’s beaded bracelets to leather ones, you can choose both for this outfit. However, when it comes to footwear, you might have to be a little specific. Don’t pair this golden outfit with just any other shoes.

Sit back and think about which shoes work best with the basic clothing. While loafers would work well, you can also go for trendy sneakers.

Shorts & Casual Shirts For Summery Vibes

Give your legs the much-needed space and air with some summer-friendly shorts and casual shirts. Not only will this make you business-ready, but also feel comfortable on a sunny summer morning. Always choose cotton or linen casual shirts, as these fabrics are the best ones for summers and provide some air on the inside.

For the bottoms, you can go with absolutely any shorts. However, the color must be slightly on the darker end. Also, keep the color of your regular wear shirt to be lighter. Finally, pair the outfit with some basic footwear and silver metallic bracelets.

Fulfill The Vacay Goals With T-shirts & Chinos

Are you worried about your outfits for the upcoming trip? Or do you wish to look astonishing while exploring your dream destinations? Don’t worry, here’s a deadly travel-inspired combination of clothes. Pair up a polo shirt or t-shirt with some dark shade chinos and a matching belt to complete the look. Also, put on some rubber bracelets. For the final touch, wear a pair of loafers which is yet another comfortable footwear option available.

Never underestimate the power of a basic tee and some good pants. Enjoy your trips with such versatile outfits.

Put On Blazers Over The Basic Attire

Another life-saving piece of clothing for all the men out there is a blazer. You might think that blazers work well only in a formal setting. But, in reality, blazers are as good for casual outings as they are for the formal meetings. You just require the basic pieces like a dark-colored tee that goes well with the blazer’s color. Further, a pair of denim is something everybody has in their wardrobe. Just add the blazers over your basic outfit and you’re good to go anywhere. 

Slightly Formal Touch With Oxford Shirts

Here’s an outfit that you can carry well on the semi-formal outings or meetings. Shirts like the oxford one plays a crucial role in this attire. Just wear the plain white oxford shirt and put on some blazer over it. Go for the darker shades of chinos that works fine for the formal events. If the chinos are not available, a dark pair of denim will also do the job.

Oxford shirts look extremely elegant and reflect a gentlemen-like vibe. Such shirts when paired up with formal blazers make the best party as well as work outfits.

Slay During Winters With Leather Jackets

Fashion speaks when everything else fails. People are often confused about the winter outfits. The confusion becomes greater when it comes to men’s wear. But, did you know you can rock your whole winter fashion game with some leather jackets? Leather jackets are highly multipurpose and work both as a casual attire as well as a formal one. On a casual winter morning, pair the leather jacket with some contrasting tee and denim.

However, for a formal get-together, put on the jacket over oxford shirts and chinos or trousers. Every man must own at least 2-3 different shades of leather jackets in his wardrobe.

Sweatshirts With Classy Closed Collar Shirts

Yet another winter outfit option for the men is a sweatshirt paired up with some basic clothing. If you’re searching for some outfit options that are versatile, unique and trendy, then this one is the right choice. You just need one good quality sweatshirt and some crisp-collared shirts. Put on the shirt and close the collar buttons. Further, wear the sweatshirt and adjust the collars skillfully.

Make sure to keep the color of the sweatshirt darker and that of the shirt. This will not only enhance your personality but also make you extra warm on cold days.

Final Verdict

Men’s fashion game is extremely facile and almost any guy can follow that. All you need is consistency, creativity, and the ability to judge the clothing. When the matter to styling an outfit creeps in, you must analyze from every perspective. Think of the cloth pieces that work well and the ones that don’t. Further, switch to the bottoms and create your perfect outfit for the day.

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