7 European Cities You Should Visit in 2020


Who does not want to visit Europe for their vacation? Europe is magical in both summers and winters. There is just so much to explore in the vast continent. Having so many places to visit, it is not very easy to visit them at one go! Europe has the most beautiful cities in the world. From warm grasslands to snow-clad mountains, Europe has it all. Europe is also the continent with some of the most exquisite delicacies of the world that range from cheesy Italian pizzas to delicious Belgian chocolates to exotic French wines. Here is a list of seven European cities that you should visit in 2020!

  1. Lisbon, Portugal:One of the best places to visit in Europe during winter is Lisbon. The city is full of tourists for July and August, so visiting it in the colder months will let you enjoy the city better. Since the city remains warm and sunny during the winter season, you will get to explore it much. You can travel around this beautiful European city using local transport, or you can rent a car with a roof tent so that you can explore it according to your own will. The best thing about Lisbon is surfing. You can try surfing and make your Lisbon trip even more fun!
  1. Venice, Italy:Being a very historical city, people who like history love to visit Venice. It has beautiful monuments and gorgeous canals. We guarantee you that you will wander away in the beauty of the gorgeous alleyways. From visiting the beautiful cathedrals to taking a boat ride on the canals, there is just so much to do in Venice. And the best part about visiting Venice is that you can have a look at the whole city from the iconic Rialto Bridge. Be it sunrise or sunset, the view from the Rialto Bridge will be gorgeous, and we guarantee you this.
  1. Copenhagen, Denmark:Copenhagen is one of a kind city which has a different meaning for everyone. Some people find it historical; some find it youthful, and some find it refined. Do you know what is common amongst all these people? It holds a place in everyone’s hearts. From the oldest amusement parks to amazing museums to some of the best shopping spots, Copenhagen has it all. Once you try the fantastic food delicacies of Copenhagen, we are sure you would want to come back to this city. You will have so much to do in this city that you would not even understand how your time went by. But, Copenhagen is, for sure, a city you need to visit in Europe. Copenhagen is, for sure, a city you need to visit in Europe.

  1. Bergen, Norway: Bergen undoubtedly lies amongst the most beautiful cities in Europe. Being a very unconventional city, it has its own charm. The scenic beauty of Bergen is heavenly. It is like a fairytale land. Being surrounded by mountains, it is so picturesque that you would not tire away from clicking pictures. It is also home to some fantastic urban attractions. When in Bergen, you need to visit the Bergen Fish Market as it some very unique varieties of fish that you would definitely want to see and try. To sum it up, Bergen has everything that you will want to see in a magical wonderland.
  1. Istanbul, Turkey:From yummy Turkish cuisines to the lovely lamps, Istanbul has it all. It lies amongst the few cities in Europe that look heavenly at night. Being the largest city in Europe and having an Eastern influence, the city has a lot to offer to its travelers. The giant mosques touch the sky space and make the city even more beautiful. It is one of those cities where you can walk and explore. To witness the city from the top, you should go to the Galata Tower. Once you do all this, you will understand why it is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.
  1. Dublin, Ireland:Dublin has Europe’s most beautiful skylines. To everyone’s surprise, the skylines look more beautiful with the skyscrapers. When you are in Dublin, you need to party as the Irish do! It has a rich culture, and the natives are charming. When you visit Dublin, do not forget to take a walk around the lake Liffey. You can also day take day tours from the city to the hills and experience the scenic views from the mountains.
  1. Stockholm, Sweden:Stockholm is every traveler’s favorite city in Scandinavia. It has some colorful buildings that add to the charm of the city. It is home to some of the craziest amusement parks which lie right inside the city. It is one of those cities that you should explore on foot. You can also cycle around the city and stop anywhere you want as it has an excellent network of bicycle lanes. We also recommend you to take boat tours around the city so that you can explore and appreciate the beauty!

If you plan to visit Europe in 2020, you should try and visit all these cities. Each city has its uniqueness and different cultures. We recommend you to take a generous amount of time exploring each of these cities.

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