A Date With A Difference: Unique Valentine Day Escapes


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Valentines Day is fast approaching. For those struggling for ideas that don’t want to settle for a conventional date, here are a few ideas that could spice up the occasion.

Live music

If you and your partner are both fans of your music, why not follow up a dinner date with a gig or concert? Valentines Day is a popular date for live music events. Even if you don’t want to shell out on a stadium tour from a big name, there may be a smaller act playing a more intimate gig at your local venue. Just don’t leave it too late to book – Valentine Day gigs can sell out fast (that said, you may be able to find last minute tickets at various online ticket sites such as Ticket Merchant.


Take wining and dining to a new level by going for a wine-tasting trip before you eat out. Many vineyards and producers will put on special events on Valentines Day aimed at couples. If you and your partner enjoy a drink from time to time, this could be the perfect day out. Just don’t get too boozy before you hit the restaurant (or have a lunch out before just to be safe!).

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Ice skating

Christmas may be over, but you can still remind yourself of the magic of winter by going ice skating for the evening. Whether you’re confident enough to dance the Bolero or a an ice-skating virgin, this is sure to be a fun experience for active couples, with many rinks across the country holding special Valentines events to add that extra romantic ambience.

Zoo trip

For animal lovers, a trip to the zoo could be the perfect escape for the day. It’s relatively cheap and you don’t have to book ahead. This is also ideal for couples with children, giving them a day out as well as both of you. Some zoos can also offer Valentines Day events such as special evening dinners, in which you get to dine surrounded by exotic wildlife. Check out your local zoo to see what’s on offer.

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Movie marathon

Of course, you don’t have to venture outdoors to enjoy Valentines Day. If you both lead busy lives, a relaxing day in partaking in a movie marathon could be the perfect chance to spend time together. Find a theme such as horror movies or comedies or try to get through a movie series. You can have your own candlelit dinner at home in the evening, or make the most of your lazy day and order a takeaway (make sure to load up on wine, popcorn and snacks too). This option is cheaper and can be a great last minute option for when the weather isn’t looking too promising. Of course, if most your weekends consist of movie marathons, this type of date probably won’t have quite the same impact and an evening out might do you both better (even if it is just the cinema!).

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