A Short Guide to Relocating for Work

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Finding a permanent job within commutable distance of your home isn’t always easy. You might discover that there’s little demand for your particular skill set near your home. And your choices are to look elsewhere or take a role outside of your field. Sometimes you need to go where the work is, which can mean traveling across the country or even leaving the country altogether. If you’re relocating for work, either temporarily or permanently, it can feel like you have a significant task ahead. Looking for a job, then a new home, and eventually settling into both isn’t something to take lightly. But it’s something many people do, and you can do it too.

Finding a Job

Conducting a long-distance job search is a little more complicated than looking for something close to home. You might have identified a particular area you’re interested in, or you may be flexible about where you go. Either way, you need to convince recruiters you’re willing to relocate and deal with the logistics of applying for a job in another city. Several problems could arise, such as the difficulty of attending an interview. The first thing to start with is compiling a list of companies to target, as well as looking at current job ads. Make it clear when applying for positions or sending speculative resumes that you can and will make the move to a new city. When it comes to the interview process, practice your phone and video techniques in case they are options. But try to be flexible about attending in person too.

Arranging Accommodation

If you’ve managed to secure a job, it’s time to start getting ready to make the move. Although you might have obtained some time to organize everything, your start date will arrive quickly. So you need to get started and begin arranging things as soon as you can. Finding somewhere to live is the top priority, so you need to start looking. If you want to make the move quickly, you might begin by finding somewhere short-term. Corporate apartments are one solution, which you can usually rent for anywhere from a month to a year. If you want to stay longer-term, you could, but you can also spend your time there looking for a more permanent home.

Organizing the Move

Getting ready for moving day can be stressful enough when you’re going across town, but it’s even harder when you’re going long-distance. Booking your movers and packing up as soon as possible will help you, avoiding a last-minute panic. Think about any special items you need to move first, whether it’s an antique piece of furniture, your car or your pets. Do you want your possessions to arrive at the same time as you, or a few days after? If you’re going to be without everything for a while, make sure you have what you need to survive.

Moving city or even country for a new job is an adventure, although it can be a stressful one. Even though it’s a lot of effort, it can be necessary if you want a job you’ll enjoy.

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