Enjoy the maldives tour with best-sorted itinerary

The tour to Maldives is one of the dream journey one longs for.  The experience of relax over the sea-beaches,  the cradling  in the sea-shore bungalows, and the experimenting with the augmented scuba diving or other adventurous aqua sports  work jointly to make the tour memorable for the rest of the life. The Features of […]

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The Rules and Regulations for EPR Authorization Registration

Understanding E-waste The term e-waste is used for electrical and electronic equipment discarded as a whole or in part by the consumer or bulk consumer. Goods rejected from manufacturing, repair and refurbishment processes are also categorized as e-waste. Extended Producer’s Responsibility (EPR) Producer of EEE (electrical and electronic equipment) holds complete responsibility of managing their […]

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singapore Tour package

Singapore Tour Packages From India

Being a Southeast Asian country, Singapore attracts thousands if not millions of Asian tourists per year. In India too, every day hundreds of flights leave from the international airport terminals to take off to The Lion City. Travellers, students, businessmen, families, couples, merchants and people from all walks of life travel to Singapore each day. […]

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