How aware are we about Android Applications? Know about some lesser known Android apps

Android Apps

How aware are we about Android Applications? Know about some lesser known Android apps

Google has a diverse range of superior and first-class services and app solutions. Some of these services are purchased, while others autonomous. Amidst all these benefits by the leading search engine, there are a few additional treasures by Google that are not proactively communicated about.

Such services are likely to remain concealed, just like an underdog. There might be a little chance that you will ever even come across such services, unless and until you have a full-fledged Android based Smartphone or contemporary OS version. For most part, Google is seen doing pretty well with the delivery of multiplatform services.

Let us learn about the best 5 of these underground apps by Google that most of you might not be aware of:

  • Google Opinion Rewards: This is quite an accessible app service, running in the background. It sends out a notification, any time when Google wants you to give your opinion for a survey. Of course, they pay you for the same, with the amount directly getting transferred to your account on Google Play. You can use this reward amount for anything inside the Play Store. With this service, Google is graciously rewarding all its users providing their opinions on all kinds of subjects.



  • Google My Business: This app accumulates all the ways via which Google can help your business prosper in a single, easy-to-use location. Therefore, this app has features to:
    • Manage on the go: This app service lets you manage your business according to your time.
    • Get all connected in one place: With this feature, you can edit your business related information, share updates with the end users, and get useful insights on business reviews from people. And, you can get all this with a single dashboard.
    • Be on top of all the reviews: See your business reviews, send out responses, and track their ratings over time.
    • Grab insights on your business: Have an understanding of people’s reviews on your business and content interactions, to help you target the maximum amount of befitting customers.

This app primarily focuses on customer interactions, business statistics and insights. Overall, the app lets you share the latest business updates with your stakeholders, receive customer reviews, and send out notifications for relevant activities.



  • Google Camera: With this app service, Google first time puts its brand on a camera application regardless of the phone manufacturer. The functionalities supported by this app include:
    • Simple easy to use UI: This intuitive feature lets you capture photos and video instantly.
    • Photo Stitching: Create panoramas and photo spheres, with wide angles and fish eye captured by the photo stitching technology built for Google Maps.
    • Lens Blur: You can change your camera’s field depth with Lens Blur. It enables to focus on the foreground subject, and keep the background as blur. It is an amazing feature for selfies and portrait photographs.
    • Video: You can simultaneously capture still photos and videos, by just a screen tap.
    • High Dynamic Range: You can make use of High Dynamic Range, or HDR+ settings for enhancing image quality in backlit scenes and low lights.
    • Android Wear: It lets you control the camera from a distance. An android wear user can also use his/her smart-watch as a device to trigger the remote shutter, for all the shots captured from a distance.



  • Google Santa Tracker: This is an additional yet exclusive app that enables you in following the Santa Claus in his worldwide journey on Christmas.


  • Snapseed: It is a photo editing app service that has been acquired by Google. However, this may be not an app exclusively developed by Google, but still it has all the fundamental technology to which it added the typical Google excellence. They did so with the primitive interoperability to other services including the Camera and/or G+. This process largely streamlined the innovation factor. This app is greatly popular for tablets, in terms of UI/UX. Let us explore some of its benefits below:
    • Easily adjusts your photos, with its Auto Correct option
    • Make adjustments with Tune Image option, to receive perfect images
    • Utilize the selective adjust feature for enhancing particular areas or objects in the picture
    • Also add borders to give your images a refining touch
    • Play around with filters that are fun as well as creative, including Vintage, Drama, Grunge and more.
    • Finally, share your developments through mail, Google Plus, or any other service


With the market flooding with unbeatable competition and efficient Android application development companies, here we conclude our narration of a few underdog Google app services. Hope that learning about these apps will be a value addition to the readers’ knowledge base.

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