Best eCommerce Packages Including 5 Top Development Platforms


Have you made your mind about launching your eCommerce site? Have you decided on the right eCommerce packages you need to start, as well as maintain your eCommerce website? If not, this piece of quick read is going to help you in choosing the right eCommerce web development platform that is the very first service included in the top-rated eCommerce packages, offered by the leading eCommerce development companies.

We understand that choosing the most suitable eCommerce platform is not an easy task, and only a professional eCommerce development company can help you with the service.

We’ve analyzed the 5 top eCommerce website development platforms here, in this blog. We hope, once you complete reading this piece, you will gain the confidence to choose the most affordable and suitable eCommerce building platform for your new venture.

  1. Wix Stores –Easy, Attractive, Affordable

This cloud-based web development platform ingeniously used for developing a wide variety of websites through drag and drop. This platform has some great features that allow developers to build a flawless eCommerce store.


Though Wix offers a free plan to test drive the platform, you won’t get much to check there. It offers limited functions and nearly no eCommerce options in the free version.

But, Wix has different subscription-based packages, among which the cheapest eCommerce plan starts from $17/month. Their average paid eCommerce plans are $23 to $49/month.

  1. BigCommerce – Best for Small to Mid-Size Businesses

BigCommerce presents a hosted eCommerce solution both as a full SaaS platform, as well as a shopping cart for different types of websites. This platform is quite similar to Shopify.


BigCommerce offers a 15-day trial to examine if this eCommerce platform is suitable for you or not.

Though all the paid eCommerce packages for BigConmmerce platform offer you almost every feature, your business needs to get started, with the high-priced packages you get more advantages, like superior customer segmentation and product filtering.

BigCommerce plans cost between $29.95 and $249.95.

  1. Shopify – Most Suitable for Boutique Shops

Shopify is the most well-known name in the eCommerce web development field. Most of the top-rated eCommerce packages include Shopify eCommerce development as well as maintenance and eCommerce SEO services. Shopify is a fully-featured hosted eCommerce solution with thousands of users worldwide.


Shopify offers a 14 days trial period to check its suitability for your business before investing.

On the other hand, Shopify has multiple pricing ranges with added features and services considering the plan you are buying.

There is also Shopify Lite at the cost of $9/month, which lets you sell on the social channels and embed products on your website to use the shopping cart skills.

Further, there is Shopify Plus for larger company clients, which starts at around $1,200/month.

  1. Magento – Open-Source Platform & Developers’ Pick

Magento is a kind of WordPress for eCommerce development platforms. This open-source software is available for download and installation on personal servers. But at the same time, it offers a hosted cloud version, as well.


Magento Community Edition is a free eCommerce platform that you can download and use without paying a single penny. But, like several other self-hosted eCommerce solutions, it comes with costs, despite, particularly for hosting.

Premium plugins and templates, as well as specific development works, can be parts for paid services.

For the hosted version, you need to pay $18,000/year for licensing.

  1. OpenCart – Easy to Develop & SEO Friendly

Another open-source eCommerce platform in the list includes the OpenCart platform that is also accessible for free download and installation on your server. This is also available with a cloud version.


Though the self-hosted software is free, it comes with the typical external costs. Moreover, there may be charges for extensions and themes that sum around $100 on average to your funds.

Further, the cloud-hosted version costs between $30 and $200 per month, which you need to pay in half if you pay for a year in advance. OpenCart cloud-hosted version includes a free SSL certificate.

What is the Best eCommerce Platform for You?

Stand-alone eCommerce platforms can be a comprehensive solution for new eCommerce businesses. These platforms offer all the essential features and practiced functionality to make your online selling experience a successful event.

Yet, choosing the right eCommerce platform is not an easy business. There are too many factors to consider before investing in an eCommerce platform.

Probably, this guide has helped you make your choice. But discussing with your project directly with a professional eCommerce development company can help you more. Further, investing in all-inclusive eCommerce packages can be more resourceful for your new eCommerce.

What’s your opinion? Let’s share in the comments section.

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