Best prom hairstyles for long hairs


You have to design your hair properly for every occasion so that you can be the centre of occasion everywhere. One of the most important occasion for every teenager is the prom night, and yes it is special for everyone. In the prom night you need you need to be super beautiful for your loved one, to impress for sure. In Prom night you can do any hairstyle for all type let it be short, medium or long hair.

Today here in this article we are going to discuss about the longs hairstyles that you can do on your prom night. These hairstyles are simple to look but it suits with every face type like the latest hairstyle let it be oval, long etc.  All of these hairstyles are perfectly designed especially for the prom night, so that you can be the adored by everyone in the party. So let’s have a look at list of hairstyles for your prom party.

Best prom hairstyles for long hairs

  1. Elegant Twist Updo

This hairstyle is the latest and looks very much attractive. It gives a great look and helps you to show off your highlighted locks. With that, you can add peekaboo tattoo which is super cool too. Apply loose twists which will create an overall simple and sleek effect. It’s due to the fact the hair is not overly sprayed, it has a perfectly imperfect vibe.

Elegant Twist Updo

  1. Accent Braid Prom Updo

This hairstyle looks wild but it also gives a cute look and helps you to show off your feminine looks. You can do this hairstyle at your home itself, as it doesn’t take much time. It doesn’t need any professional hair stylist.  It is overall very simple and easy to implement.  You can try curly messy bun with an accent braid too.


hair style

  1. Messy Bun with Long Side Pieces

It gives such a great look get adjust to any dress.  With that, you can add a cute look to yourself which is super cool too. Apply a teased poof in the back and curled; long side pieces in the front which will create an overall great effect. opt for a side french braid near the crown and a messy bun dress.

hair style1


  1. Formal Dutch Fishtail Updo

This style adds up an extra beauty to your hair. It gives a stunning look and gets attraction from all.  This style starts your part and works downloads the ear, then across the back of the head.  You need to section off the hair for the braid and create the loose bun first.  You use this tyle instead of creating a braid that goes along your hairline like a headband.

hair style1

  1. Elegant Curled Prom Style

This style gives a great look and helps you to show the highlighted locks. It is a great style one can use for the big event. the problem with this style is that you can do it at your home. You need to seek help from a hair stylist. In case you try at home be sure to start off with a texturizing spray to create a hold in the loose hair.

hair style

Everyone is very much concerned about their hair. They love styling their hairs very much.  But one should ensure whether styles they are appending are apt and suit them or not. Hence here we have given the list of Best prom hairstyles for long hairs which will ensure that you can have a good styling looks to yourself. All of these hairstyles can be done at home with using some few things other than going in to salon for hours.  

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