What are the best protein supplements to take during intense exercise?


The fitness industry is filled with all sorts of fakes which simply trick you into spending your money on the products that sound too good to be true and in fact never turn out to have an organic result without any side effects. The real reason why there is intense competition in the market of health supplements is that almost everyone who is involved in bodybuilding has a certain amount of desire to somehow find a shortcut. This desire for rapid gains and instant buildup is what makes people get fooled by n number of health products available in the market, some of which really promise to turn you into a bodybuilder or something and all you need to do is take some pill.

First things first, this article does not focus on any such magical substance which would help you get the desired result without putting any efforts. This is rather a guide to let you have a brief idea about the tried and trusted supplements which can boost your performance but you have to remember that you just can’t skip the hard work part.

  • Creatine: It is known to take the performance level up a notch by supporting the muscle repair and growth at the time of the intense workout. It comes in a lot of forms like powder, liquid, and solids for you to choose from. In brief, it can be said that creatine is as close to being that magical health product that can possibly be without having extremely fatal side effects at the same time.
  • MCT oil: from these protein supplements and fish oils, there is also the use of MCT oils when it comes to the fitness supplements. These oils are the derivatives of the coconut oil and are known to have far more advantages than the normal coconut oil. These advantages include the ability of these MCT oils to get digested easily by the body. So make sure to know about the things to look for in your MCT supplement before you actually take one.
  • Fish oil: Fish is something I would call highly underrated when it comes to the health products because people hardly give it the amount of attention it should be given as per the benefits it comes with. Fish oil is known to be a storehouse of omega 3 oils which are really good for recovery process of muscles after you’ve had an intense workout session. Apart from this, fish oil can also be used for its other uses as well and is known to be very effective in improving blood circulation and keeping the heart and lungs healthy.
  • Glutamine: Glutamine is naturally synthesized by the body and is known to maintain the muscle mass so it becomes clear that stressful workouts make the Glutamine level to deplete. While the intake of Glutamine can be really helpful in the growth of muscle mass, you need to be completely aware of the fact that it does bring unnecessary fat along with it if consumed from the traditional sources like nuts, fish, red meat etc. This is the reason why it is advisable to take it in the form of a supplement so that muscle mass level can be maintained without having to worry about any unnecessary fat level.

There is a healthy soul inside a healthy body so, do regular exercising to have a healthy and happy living life.

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