Best ways to Exfoliate your Skin at Home


You believe it or not exfoliation is a crucial part of a skin regimen.  It removes the gunk and dirt present in the pores and cleanses the skin while treating aging signs like wrinkles and fine lines. In the long run, it will give you nourished and healthy skin. Like moisturizer and toner you do not have to use it regularly, once or twice in a week will do for you.

Like your face, you can also exfoliate other parts of the body since they too need good care. You can either use natural recipes to exfoliate your skin or reach out for physical or chemical exfoliators to exfoliate your skin. Below we have listed different types of exfoliators and how you can use them best to get a glowing and healthy skin.

  1. Physical Exfoliator

This is one of the oldest and traditional ways of exfoliating skin. The technique requires a brush with soft bristles. You can gently brush your effected skin while bathing to remove the dead skin cell. However, this technique can be harsh on your facial skin. If not done properly it may rip off the natural oils of the skin, living behind dry and rough skin.

However, you can exfoliate your other body parts with this technique, since they do not have sensitive skin like face. For face, you can prepare a natural concoction with natural ingredients.

  1. Chemical Exfoliator

Chemical exfoliators like beta-hydroxy acids (BHA), alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA) and polyhydroxy acids (PHA) are easily available online. These chemicals combine with lipids present on the upper layer of skin and dissolve them, which further breaks the dead skin cells.

There are many exfoliators available in the market which have the right amount of BHA, AHA or PHA and are specifically designed according to your skin.  Online sites like Purplle have a gamut of exfoliators and scrubs that you can easily use at home. Checkout latest Purplle coupons and save your money. However, if you want you can also contact a dermatologist for chemical peels.

  1. Enzymatic Exfoliator

Enzymatic exfoliators are ideal for people with sensitive skin types since these are mild on the skin. The enzymes present in these exfoliators are extracted from fruits and are used as a chemical exfoliator to break down the dead skin cell. You can invest in an exfoliator that has glycolic acid, it is a natural enzyme.

Home Made Recipes to Exfoliate your Skin.

1.Honey and Brown Sugar Scrub

Honey is a natural humectant, it restores the natural moisture of the skin and does not let the skin dry. On the other hand, brown sugar is a great natural exfoliator. It sloughs away the dead skin cell, giving you a soft and supple skin like a baby.

In a bowl, mix a tablespoon of brown sugar with honey, whip the mixture thoroughly. Apply it on clean skin, leave it on for a few seconds, and then gently massage it in the circular motion. This technique will enhance the blood circulation, rinse it off when done. Pat it dry and apply a moisturizer immediately.

  1. Almonds and Milk Scrub

Both almonds and milk have moisturizing properties, which locks the natural oil and prevent your skin from drying. In addition, almonds have nutritional properties as well that helps to treat dull skin. When combined, both can do wonders on your skin.

Soak a few almonds overnight in water.  Crush the almonds into small granules and mix 1 or 2 tablespoons of raw milk to it. Mix it well, use it to exfoliate your skin. You can even use it as a face mask.

  1. Coffee with Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is bliss for the skin. From treating an array of skin problems to keeping your skin hydrated, the oil serves all the needs.  On the other hand, coffee has anti-microbial properties and the ground of coffee does not dissolve which makes it ideal for scrubbing.

In a bowl combine a tablespoon of coffee and coconut oil. If possible use cold compressed or virgin coconut oil since it is free from chemicals and paraben. Mix the mixture until you get a thick consistency. Use it scrub your skin when needed.

  1. Rice Face Pack

Rice has beneficial properties that brighten your skin and fades away blemishes. In addition, it is an excellent treatment for tan and inflammation caused due to the harsh skin rays. Like rice, rice water is equally beneficial; you can use it in your DIY face packs to treat skin problems.

Soak a handful of rice for the night and grind it the next day. Make sure the granules of rice are grinded well. You can add some water to it for a thick consistency. Slather it on your clean skin and massage in a circular motion. Wash it with tap water, pat dry and moisturize your skin.


Exfoliator removes dead skin cells giving you soft and supple skin. There are many types of exfoliators available in the market; you can choose the one that suits your skin type. Or you can even create one at home.

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