Car Vacuum Cleaner Not Working? Try This Quick Fix Before Buying A New One

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Do own a car vacuum cleaner? If so, have you ever experienced any malfunction while using your device? I am sure that you must have. In case you are having troubleshoot with your car vacuum, here are a few things that you can do at home.

1. Vacuum pick up a lot of debris

A very possible reason is that your filter bag may be too packed. So try emptying your filter bag or cleaning it more frequently. Remove all the extra like hair, dirt on the vacuum bag. You can use a finger to remove them. Another way is using water, though not filters are washable.

Vacuum pick up a lot of debris

2. Vacuum runs very slow

Again, this could be due to your full filter bag. So before blaming your vacuum for losing its suction, try checking your vacuum bag first. What you can do is to empty your filter. Use your hands or fingers and take out all the excess, dirt, hair and dust. You can use water to rinse it, although it is not necessary.

3. Vacuum makes loud noises

In many cases, loud noises are results of dislocated drive motor. In other words, when dirt enters the motor area, it becomes blockages and blocks the way. This results in broken motor fan, thus explaining why your vacuum makes such loud noises. Of course, if that is the case, you can easily replace your fan given that your model is not too dated.

Vacuum makes loud noises

4. Vacuum vibrates

Again, this can be caused by a broken fan or a broken brush head. The short term solution is to replace them. Or, the long term solution is to check the condition of your car vacuum regularly. Plan this ahead by making a schedule.

5. Vacuum motor does not run

There are a few things as to why this happens.

– The filter bag is not attached properly

Many people actually do not care about attaching their vacuum bags properly, especially first time owners. The solution is to check whether you have attached your bag or not. What you can do is before turning on your device, give your device a check. Make sure that you have attached all the cracks and fractures.

Vacuum motor does not run

– The electronic control board has burnt out

In every even the best car vacuum, there is usually a button indicating the power source. If this button is on, and you still do not see your device working. There is a chance that your vacuum control board may have burnt out. In other words, when a device is overheated, its control board will be burnt out.

A solution to this is to disconnect (if it is a cord type) or turn off your device. Then you can turn the motor shaft gently to check for any blockage. In case that you see the motor turns smoothly, you need to replace it immediately.

6. The brush does not spin

Most of the time, it is because there are so many things wrapped around the tip of your vacuum brush. This makes it impossible to run. In other words, your brush has too many blockages that it can’t operate properly. What you can do is to clean your brush by using your fingers to remove any excess. These can be dirt, hair, dust, etc. Whatever they are, make sure to remove them.

The brush does not spin

Another case that may cause this problem is that the brush may be broken. In this case, you should turn off your device and replace the broken brush head with a new one. In case that the model of your device is too dated and you cannot find a replacement for your part then feel free to buy a new device. Also, contact your manufacturer if your device is still in the warranty time.

Alright, there you go. That are my tips on how to fix common car vacuum problems. Did you find it helpful and informative? Remember that these are tips coming from my own experiences so it is understandable if you disagree with me on some aspects. After all, it is up to you to decide which method suits you the most. Like always, stay tuned my readers!

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