Care for your tools: Garden Tools VS Woodworking Tools

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Do you have a lot of tasks to finish regarding your weekend project in your garden or anything around your home? To get the job done in the shortest time possible, we need to use tools with specialized functions. Garden tools and woodworking tools are available in almost all hardware stores around you. To make sure you are picking the right tool, you need to know the difference between garden tools and woodworking tools first.

Here’s how you will learn how to differentiate which tools are for your garden, or for your wood.

Garden Tools VS Wood Working Tools:

There might be tools that can be used for both purpose: in gardening and woodworking, but if you are taking good care of your tools, then you should use it only to its specified functions.

The most common gardening tools are the spade, rake, hoe, trowel, secateurs, hedge-clippers, watering can, garden fork, lopping shears, edging shears, riddle or garden sieve, garden line, and a pruning saw. On the other side, the most used woodworking tools include the claw hammer, utility knife, chisel, screwdrivers, nail sets, clamps, pocket hole jigs, hand and circular saw, and a power drill.

drill paintThere is a huge difference between garden tools and woodworking tools. Knowing that woodworking activities require spare woods that can be obtained in your garden or the forest near you, then we say that there are sets of overlapping tools to be used both in the garden and in your woodwork project. One example is the saw.
This is the most common gardening saw. As we can see, it’s blade have larger gaps so it can cut wooden objects in the garden easily.

woodworking toolsOn the other side, this is the hand saw. This has a very fine edge to make sure that the saw can follow the measurements of the wood to be cut.
In woodworking, it is important to make sure that the tools and other instruments that will be used can accurately follow patterns to avoid ruining the designs. In gardening, what is important is that it can be used to cut garden species, and to assure better growth.


Therefore, there is a very thick lining about the difference between garden tools and woodworking tools. Woodworking tools have more fine edges and blades compared to the garden tools to make sure that it is capable of tracing the pencil lines. Garden tools, on the other hand, are designed to ensure greater productivity in cleaning the garden, than focusing on finer aesthetics like when doing a wood weekend project.
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