Pneumonia – Causes, Symptoms and Preventive Tips

Pneumonia is one of the diseases that have high mortality and morbidity, especially in children below five years of age. According to data collected and presented by WHO, India accounts for nearly one-third of South-East Asia’s under-five mortality caused by this disease. This disease can range between a mild and severe case where the former […]

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Research suggests switching to e-cigarettes could save 6.6 million American’s lives

Would you believe if we say that more than 6.6 million deaths could be avoided in America over a span of a decade if smokers ditched their tobacco cigarettes and switched to e-cigarettes? If you wish to witness the endgame of smoking, you should adapt yourself to the habit of using the different nicotine alternatives […]

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11 ideas for dementia caregivers

11 ideas for dementia caregivers to stay calm and active throughout the day

Being a caregiver for individuals with dementia is hard. There is no doubting the fact that your love for your parent or spouse is unconditional but despite that you will be facing lots of moments of frustration, anxiety, loneliness and possibly resentment. However, you need to understand that you are a human and it is […]

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The largest online platform BetterHelp – Get in touch with professional therapists

BetterHelp was introduced during the summer of 2013 and since then it has become the largest online counseling platform which promises to assist anyone who has a properly running internet connection to talk to professional therapists. In case you’re experiencing challenges in your life, the network of 1200 counselors who are accredited by the board […]

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What are the best protein supplements to take during intense exercise?

The fitness industry is filled with all sorts of fakes which simply trick you into spending your money on the products that sound too good to be true and in fact never turn out to have an organic result without any side effects. The real reason why there is intense competition in the market of […]

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