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Why I don’t want to see an iPhone in March

At the point when Apple reported the 4-inch iPhone SE a year ago, I was elated. Apple surpassed my desires by not just bringing back the 4-inch shape figure however ensuring that it wasn't an entire joke. Sharing a significant number of an indistinguishable specs from the iPhone 6s, which had just been discharged a ...

Jolla Tab Review

Jolla is a company that is created by the previous Nokia employees. Its unique Sailfish OS is nothing like what you have already tried. The version 2.0 of this open-source OS is finally making its debut with the crown funded Jolla Tablet. This tablet has a beautiful display of 2048 X 1436 pixel resolution and 7.58 ...

SMS Monitoring App That Can Protect Your Business

It’s not difficult for Tech start-ups these days to finance their unique ideas through websites like Kickstarter. But however, we see product delays, property rights infringement and failures. The ideas are usually rough and abstract and there is hardly any concern shown over their protection. What usually goes wrong is that we trust our few ...