Easy Ways To Optimise Your Site So It Attracts And Keeps More Visitors


Having a website is key to just about any business’s online success, but how do you know that you have a successful one? Have you been looking up the analytics only to find that few people are finding your site? Even worse, that ever fewer are sticking around for more than one page? Optimising website design so as many people visit it as possible can be a tricky prospect. It involves more than just a great website, it means strategizing to catch attention in other ways, too. The internet is full of tools to use; you just need to know how.

web design


The design of the site might not be everything you need, but it is of course important. It’s important that you keep to a professional standard, so if you don’t have the skills, utilise the help of web developers. But keep in mind the content you need on the site to attract visitors. The front page should be a place for concise, straightforward information, not company philosophy. Use the front page to market and build interest so more parts of the site are visited following up.


When talking about optimisation, some heed has to be paid to search engine optimisation. The most effective way of having your site rise up in search engine rankings is by hosting lots of relevant, helpful content on it. Not everyone has the skills or time to write great content, so you may be in need of outsourced help. Regardless, content is the key to good SEO and can give your social media channels plenty of reasons for regular messaging.

An introductory video

Sometimes, it’s better to show rather than tell. It’s a common rule of narratives and the same be said for the narrative that is your brand. An introductory video can give your services all the lip-service they need. At the same time, then can carry across the identity of your brand and philosophy. It can also appeal to visitors because viewing a video is passive as opposed to active reading. They may be more patient with what you intend to communicate.

The call-to-action

Every single page of your website should have some sort of call to action. There are a lot of great examples that you can follow. Some can use offers and promotional opportunities to offer bonuses to visitors. Others might simply be a call to communicate, offering your support services. The fact is that you need to further hook your customers than sometimes the website allows. Having a call-to-action is the way to do it.

Avoiding controversy

There are a few aspects of poor website design that can lower the amount of visitors it gets instead of increasing it. In terms of search engine placement, any broken links internally or externally can harm your rating. Insecure websites are bound to alert the user’s own antivirus or browsers, making them less likely to stick around. A security breach on your website is likely to cause you more bad attention than good, so the right security can ease that possibility.

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