Enjoy the maldives tour with best-sorted itinerary


The tour to Maldives is one of the dream journey one longs for.  The experience of relax over the sea-beaches,  the cradling  in the sea-shore bungalows, and the experimenting with the augmented scuba diving or other adventurous aqua sports  work jointly to make the tour memorable for the rest of the life.

The Features of the Package

The Maldives tour packages from Mumbai contains everything that can make the trip itself an attraction in the eyes of people from all ages and background. The trip is designed in such a way so that the participants are dipped into the wave of rejuvenation from the moment they descend on the land. These people are transferred to resort from Airport in speed boat across the blue. The beautiful experience of witnessing the sunset on the same evening that they reach is never advised to miss. Once they are aware of the charm, it is quite assured that no sunrise and set would suffer a miss.

Either at the end of the tiresome journey from home to the venue or after the itineraries are over, the tourists are involved in a rejuvenating SPA treatment. These involves floral bath that removes all sorts of fatigue.

The young chaps of the city enjoy the Maldives Tour Packages for the adventurous part. It contains various aqua sports like swimming, scuba diving. Snorkeling with aqua animals is another type of popular aqua sports.

The tour details

On the first day of the tour, the participants are taken to the island country. From Airport, these people are transferred to their respective resorts via speedboats. The rest of the day is advised to spend through relaxation in order to get rid of the jet-lags.

On the next day, after having high breakfast in the hotel, the people desirous of having additional relaxation are advised to sail around the island in canoes.  The rest, particularly the youths looking for adventures, are transferred to the Biyadhoo Island for having an experience of aqua sports. There are opportunities to participate in a range of water sports in this Island.  The people can also experience the snorkeling. There are scopes to explore the marine life while snorkeling. This is available in the underground gardens where hosts of colorful fishes and corals could be seen.  The night snorkeling excursion allows the visitors find out the underwater surroundings of Maldives.

On the 3rd and penultimate day of the tour, the visitors are encouraged to indulge in fishing activities. This can be done either in the morning or evening. Experiencing the sunrise or sunset are usual pass-out activities. Another option of relaxation is watching for Dolphin and their various activities. The exploring of the distant island (appeared as dots from the position) or watching the jumping and dancing activities of Dolphins help in fantastic rejuvenation of mind. There are scopes to make sail around any of the neighboring island too.

On the 4th and final day, the participants are transferred to Airport via speedboat after having a sound breakfast. With boarding of the flight, the tour comes to an end.

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