ERP for Construction – eresource Nfra makes the best choice

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When a time the construction businesses worldwide are on its growth path, the large and mid-sized construction companies and its subordinates braches like sub-contracting companies are looking for a easy to use, rapid to deploy ERP system that will be cost-effective.

eresource Nfra being such an ERP for Construction,  companies that are dealing with construction activities can now leverage their advanced functionality of their construction business requirements.  eresource Nfra ERP systems can also help these companies respond to complex needs of construction industry.  From project planning, site activities, reporting and financial accounting through to management control and operational management (purchasing, sales, inventory management, etc) can be flawlessly managed with this system.

One ERP system for all construction-related activities

eresource Nfra ERP system can be deployed on premises or on cloud. The On Cloud version, the economical version of our ERP system, will suit all kind of construction-related companies. Construction companies those have implemented eresource Nfra ERP system have benefited tremendously and they are grateful to its unique ability to address the international aspects of companies’ business.  Exclusively developed for the mid-market, eresoruce Nfra ERP for Construction cater to the every need of construction industry.

eresource’s Cloud ERP model is a solution that adapts requirement of every small to mid-market companies. Companies that have deployed the system find comfort in their operational mode and they feel with this system they can confidently go about meeting their objectives. 

Understand your ERP system before you implement it

Though eresource is serving big and small companies alike, we are more focused on mid-sized construction companies. It is because small and medium sized construction companies are the one that could benefit maximum from the Cloud ERP system.  Implementing the Cloud-based system curtails expenses incurring in the way of investment in an exclusive IT departments and the executives to maintain and manage its operations.  This way the company will be able to save a lot on their resources and these resources can be diverted to their other development projects.

It is necessary for all construction companies to have a thorough evaluation of the ERP system that they are planning to be deployed.  eresource Nfra makes it a practice to have a continues interaction between the decision makers of your company and professionals from our end to clear all clarifications and there won’t any room left for any speculations.  This exercise makes your user understands our system more closely before they start get into their work.

Configure your ERP system rather than customizing it

eresource nfra ERP directly and indirectly helps to redefine functions in a Construction and Infrastructure organization. The system helps employees of the organization in big way with their routine work procedures. The system provides more freedom, authority and responsibility to the individual employees which are mutually beneficial to the management. Every user/employee becomes more aware of their function while eresource nfra ERP gives the confidence to execute it individually and successfully. This way of working style results in transparency and accountability. The work of employees becomes more easy and independent and they also able to keep track of work happening in other department or section related to their work procedure. This total transparent, reliable and flexible method of working mode boosts the confidence and royalty of the employees that ultimately brings the goodwill to the organization.

Success of eresource Nfra lies in understanding of various requirements of construction industry. Though industry may be the same  but the requirement varies. It is therefore we count our each client separately and treats each one of them differently as per their requirement. The eresource Nfra is an ERP for construction that can configured as per the requirement.

Configuring a system makes it more useful than just customizing as per your need. It is therefore that we have allowed our system to be configured rather than just customizing it.  Want to know how? Call us or write to for a demo.

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