Essential Things to Consider When Choosing a Staff Uniform


In many different industries, it’s necessary to choose a uniform for your staff. Some businesses might specify a dress code, and leave it up to their employees to follow it in their own way. However, others decide that a full uniform is needed. It could be for health and safety,  brand image  or another reason. If you want your staff to wear a uniform, there are several things to consider before you choose one. You can’t just pick some generic items without thinking about their looks and practicality. Whether you’ll be designing a uniform from scratch or adding your logo to some existing clothing, think about these factors first.

Brand Image

One thing to consider when choosing your uniform is that it will represent your company. Everyone who sees your staff wearing it, both on and off your premises, will see it as a symbol of your brand. You need to think about what you want it to say about  your business  and your employees. For example, an up-market restaurant wants their uniform to say that they are respectable. It should say that their staff takes pride in their appearance. Another company might want their uniform to say that they’re fun. It could even just say that they’re concerned about health and safety.

Health and Safety

Safety is a concern for any business, no matter if your employees work in an office or on a building site. You need to take it into account when choosing appropriate clothing. In some workplaces, the safety requirements aren’t hard to figure out. Workers on a construction site might need hard hats, steel toe  Oliver work boots and high visibility jackets. But you may need to think about less obvious risks in other environments. Where food is prepared, or people are cared for, you need uniforms that won’t harbor bacteria. In some environments, you would need to avoid loose clothing that could get caught on things.


Uniforms for Different Staff Levels

Something else to think about is whether you want the same uniform for all  staff members. Many businesses decide to have variations for different levels of seniority or various roles. For example, in a restaurant, the head waiter might have a different uniform to the other servers. Doing this helps to establish roles within the workplace, as well as making it clear to customers who does what.

Your Employees’ Opinions

Before ordering any uniforms, it’s a good idea to  talk to your staff. Find out what they want in their uniform and how you can make them happy. Of course, they won’t have complete control over what they wear. There are some things you need to insist on to maintain the image and the safety you need. But they can suggest how to make the uniform more comfortable and flattering. They could have some valuable input about what will suit their job description.

Take your time choosing a uniform for your staff so that you get it right. What you choose could establish a recognizable image for your business.

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