Housing Android App – the Perfect Tool for Property Search

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Housing.com is a real estate portal that offers a plethora of property related services; apart from the basic property search option. An end user merely has to log into the portal and he/she would be able to find properties for purchase as well as rentals. Additionally, if an individual is interested in home loans or creation of rental agreements, then the portal also offers comprehensive services related to the same.

For those who would only want to focus on the property search and do not want to be bound by a platform, there is a real estate search app which is available both on the Android and iOS platforms. The end users using mobile phones can access this app and find properties on the move. This app has been created as a tool for searching properties only. It does not incorporate other feature functions of the portal. However whatever is not available on the mobile platform is made up by optimizing the features of a mobile phone.

The following description illustrates how the housing.com app helps end users find properties of their choice with considerable ease.

The Intuitive Navigation

The housing.com app is quite easy to use. The interface is minimal in design and yet offers flexible functionality. The main menu first offers four options for searching. One can find properties for rent and purchase. There is also the option for searching PG and hostels. There is an additional menu option to help find property agents as well. This menu can be scrolled down further to reveal options to browse through shortlisted properties. There are other options as well which are meant for both buyers and sellers to key in their requirements.

In Built Features

One of the biggest features of this app is the amalgamation of platforms. An end user now has to log in and then search. Any shortlisted properties are not restricted to the app. They can be viewed from other platforms as well.

If an end user wants to find-say-1BHK for rent in Bangalore, then the app allows searching for the home with ease. In a manner similar to the portal, one has to type the name of the locality and the map of the locality emerges.  There are markers which exhibit homes in this map. On the top of the screen, there is a marker which allows the end user to create email alerts for any new listings in the said locality. There is also an option to explore the locality by tapping ‘Local’. This option reveals a list of amenities including parks, banks, schools, restaurants etc. Clicking on any shows their location on the locality map. This is a good way to assess the locality without visiting it.

Property Specs

When an end user has selected a single bedroom flat in Bangalore, its specifications reveal its photographs, amenities etc. When one scrolls down the specifications screen, one finds the locality map with a single marker, that of this particular accommodation. Now the end user has the option to view the same list of amenities mentioned earlier with respect to the selected property. If liked, this property can be ‘shortlisted’.

In Conclusion

The housing.com property app offers information by intelligent visuals and keeps the text to the minimum. This makes searching for properties using a smaller screen easier while on the move.

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