How To Be Hated: A Blogger’s Guide to Zero Readers


With innumerable blogs trying to elbow each other out, in order to create a secured position for themselves in the virtual world, grabbing the attention of readers is the biggest challenge of all the blogging experts out there. These foolproof tricks will ensure that your blog page soon becomes a forgotten affair, and your readers will steer clear of your posts whenever they come across one!


Lack of substance

There is probably no better way of driving away your readers than with those endless lines with negligible amounts of substance, or no substance at all. It would be an icing on the cake if the substance contained is tucked away somewhere amidst the suffocating crowd of meaningless words! No one will even think of taking the risk of visiting your page twice! On a serious not, providing irrelevant information in excess, will make even the most sincere readers wary of your future posts. Time management if a very crucial factor in the lives of people these days. Who would want to stress themselves out unnecessarily by reading those frightfully long posts?

Collage of commercials

Transforming your blog into an Ad forum is the quickest and easiest method of getting rid of readers. After a few days, not even a single one will be left for viewing those irritating commercials. The fundamental objective behind the creation of a blog is to dish out some informative content for your readers. Blogs are a nice way of enhancing the existing knowledge of your readers about a wide variety of captivating topics. A couple of ads strewn here and there is hardly a matter of concern. But the moment you start including lots and lots of advertisements occupying vast portions of your page, in order to promote your products or services without even giving it a second thought, your readers will automatically run for their lives!

Desperate in approach

Using your blog posts for bragging about your achievements, your soaring demand in the market, your goodwill amongst clients and other such tiring details that no one is interested in, will instantly make your readers rush for the EXIT button. And they surely want to spare themselves of the horror of a second visit to your page. This is quite obvious since they already know what to expect from your blog the next time. Pushing for publicity is fine, but not beyond a certain limit where your repetitive words might become a source of a nagging headache for somebody else.

Plugging the channels

There are a number of people out there who are so obsessed with themselves and their brands that they don’t even give readers the scope to participate in their posts. Even if they do have the provision for participation of people, they hardly respond to the comments received. And even if they do, their tone is pretty rude and argumentative. Not responding to your readers’ valuable comments or feedback, and not being able to handle the honest reviews of readers, is a sure shot path to an extremely unpopular blog page. Sealing the channels of honest feedback just to protect your online reputation and the public image of your brand, is sure create strong repulsion in the minds of readers. They will never re-visit your blog, even by mistake!

Test of time

If you are seriously interested in alienating your readers completely from your posts, simply try designing a website for your blog that cannot be easily accessed using mobile devices, or a website which loads at snail’s pace. Since a vast majority of readers use mobile devices for surfing the internet, they will start hating your blogs from the core of the heart. And no one really has the time or interest to invest in getting your content loaded, because there are so many better things to do in life!

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