How to Buy the Best Refrigerator for Your Needs


2 (1)Refrigerators aren’t boring like they used to be in the old days. Nowadays, manufacturers are constantly coming up with new ideas, features, designs and technologies to make refrigerators great again. Whether you’re replacing your old refrigerator or just remodeling your kitchen, buying a new one that matches your requirements and budget can be overwhelming. Here is a simple guide that will help you how to How to find the right refrigerator.

Finding the Right Refrigerator Size

Size is the first thing that comes into consideration when starting to buy a new refrigerator. Fridges come in all sizes and capacities. Make sure you measure the place where you will put the fridge before you buy. Check if that place has enough room for refrigerators doors to swing open, ventilation space, clearance space and how you will get the refrigerator in your house and kitchen. As for capacity, according to most manufacturers, a family of four will need 19 – 22 cubic feet of refrigerator space. But, if you buy in bulk or shop weekly then you’ll require more storage space—up to around 30 -33 cubic feet. Do keep in mind that the actual usable storage space is less than what manufacturers claim.

Design and Style

Refrigerators come in all styles and configurations to suit every household. Once you understand which size of refrigerator you want, choose a design that suits you best.

Top Freezer and Bottom Freezer Refrigerators

Top freezer and bottom freezers are the most common refrigerator configurations. Top-freezers have the freezer compartment above the refrigerator unit, while in the bottom-freezer it’s located at the bottom. These models offer great value, come in a variety of sizes. Though, bottom-freezers comparatively have less storage space that top-freezers, the former gives easy access to fresh foods.

Side-By-Side Refrigerators

In this configuration, the fridge and freezer compartments are located side-by-side and offer equal storage capacity. Both units take up the entire height of the refrigerator. The shelves are adjustable for optimal flexibility. A side-by-side refrigerator is ideal for small and narrow kitchens as the doors require less swing space.

French Door Refrigerators


The French door configuration is a combination of bottom-freezer and side-by-side configurations. The

French doors are at the top and provide ample refrigerator compartment. You can easily store large food platters to whole pizzas. French door refrigerators are elegant and stylish and are found in a wide array of configurations with 3, 4, and 5-door models. Most French door refrigerators have ice and water dispensers and temperature-controlled bins.

Freezerless Refrigerators

As the name suggests, Freezerless refrigerators don’t have a freezer compartment and the whole unit is used for refrigeration. These types of refrigerators are perfect for anyone who needs to store a lot of fresh food.

Compact Refrigerators

These are miniaturized versions of traditional refrigerators are ideal for bedrooms, offices, hotel room dorm rooms, game rooms and so forth. Most compact refrigerators offer a small freezer compartment inside the refrigerator unit.


Look at your kitchen and purchase a refrigerator that will complement the kitchen’s cabinet and interior decor. Refrigerators are available in broad range of colors including stainless steel, black, and wood and so on.

Additional Features You Might Want

Ice and Water Dispensers

Buy a refrigerator ice and water dispensers. They are useful when you have guests and need a constant supply of ice and water.

Adjustable Racks and Drawers

Look out for a refrigerator with adjustable racks and drawers. Also, check the fridge you’re buying has sufficient space and height in the doors shelves to store jars and bottles of any shapes and sizes.

Antibacterial Coating and Air Filter Systems

Purchase a refrigerator that has an antibacterial coating and air filter systems inside.  It will be the keep refrigerators interior from bacterial growth reduce odors and keep the food fresh for longer.

Temperature and Climate Control Systems

Buy a refrigerator has temperature and climate control systems and the option to monitor the temperature inside the drawers and bins automatically.

Energy Efficiency

Always choose an energy-efficient refrigerator with the EPA Energy Star Certified Rating. You can maximize your energy usage as well as reduce your electricity bills.


Refrigerators that have a protective coating on the exterior surface resist smudges and smears. If you have children than this handy feature is just what you might be looking for as you don’t have to clean your fridge often.

Connected/Smart Refrigerators

Wi-Fi enabled smart refrigerators will give you access to various apps, view calendars, browse the internet for food recipes, keep notes and much more.

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