How to celebrate teacher’s day like never before?


happy teacher day

Teacher is the most trusted second person in our life after parents who think very seriously about our bright career and this is the thing which makes them really different from others.

When we learn something first time in schools teacher is the first person who teach us first lesson and because of this we have good value regarding teacher in our thoughts.

Not only limited to the schools but in college time and after college days also teacher does great job and try from the lot of sides to make our students career more better.

So now it’s time to give regard on some special day which is called teacher’s day. We as an Indian celebrate this amazing day on 5th September and try to give some of the really special regard to our teacher by celebrating this day in the most fantastic manner.

Ways to celebrate the teacher’s day in memorable method –

1 – Try to wish your teacher first

Wishing the teacher first from is really tough but if you will do this then we are definitely sure that your teacher will remember you for the whole year and sometimes may be for the long time also.

For wishing your teacher there are some new and popular methods like sending message to the mobile phone, writing food lines on the Facebook time line and creating good teachers day status for whatsapp type of mobile applications which are now in use by everyone.

2 – Organize the respect giving event

Arranging the welcome of thanks giving party at schools, colleges, homes and on other places also, this event can also be considered as thanks giving event for everyone.

Decorate the event place by balloons and mention good thoughts about the teachers on the wall and don’t forget to give some special gift to your teacher or his/ her favorite thing also.

3 – Good speech

If there is the event on your schools or colleges then don’t forget to write good speech and say amazing lines to your teacher on this special moment. Your speech should have good thoughts in Hindi about your teacher.

I would like to suggest all of you don’t consider this day less valuable than birthday of your most important person of your life also.

We mostly create heart touching lines as birthday status and we have to do same things on this teacher’s day also.

4 – Wish after the education time also

Relation of the teacher and student is not for only education days it should be forever and you should wish your teacher on every year of this date this will really touch heart of your teacher and they will feel happy also.

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