How to Clean Upholstered Furniture at Home?

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The upholstered furniture looks really good, but the problem is it gets dirty very easily. After a long and tiring working day or a week, cleaning the sofa sounds to be a tough task indeed. However, the dirty and stinking sofa is even worst. If you can afford, you better use professional upholstery cleaning service. The people that offer this type of service know their job and your furniture. They perform furniture upholstery cleaning at its best with definitely good cleaning material. However, everyone can’t afford to invest in the upholstery cleaning service regularly. In this case, you need to follow these top tips which will assure that your upholstered furniture gets clean quickly and at cheaper cost.

  1. Check the manufacture tag on your upholstered furniture

Before getting started with the furniture upholstery cleaning, you must assure that you don’t damage your furniture. Thus, first check for the tag on your furniture. This tag will give you clear instructions about the furniture, its type and most importantly the best way to clean it. Below is the list of letters with its meaning; you will find one of this on the tag:

X – Clean only with vacuum.

S – Solvent based cleaner. Here, no vacuum should be used.

WS – Water or Solvent based cleaner; you can use any of these two,

W – Water. You can perform furniture upholstery cleaning with water.

  1. Get prepared for your furniture for cleaning

Once you understand the type of your upholstered furniture, this is the time to make preparation. First of all make the cleaner. You can use DIY tips to make homemade upholstery cleaner or you can get the one from the market. Along with the cleaner, you will need a dry cloth. Once the cleaning ingredients are ready, prepare your upholstered furniture to get clean. Remove the cushions, covers and all extra things from the upholstered furniture.

  1. Perform furniture upholstery cleaning

Once you and your upholstered furniture are ready for cleaning, this is the time to perform the job like professional upholstery cleaning service provider. First clean the surface thoroughly as per the suggested cleaning tag of your furniture and then use homemade and market based cleaner to remove the stain. Use a clean and lintless cloth for cleaning the furniture. There are a few tips you can keep in mind while cleaning the upholstery furniture. Don’t damp the furniture during the cleaning process. Of course, you need to make it wet with the cleaner and then with water, but never make it damp as it will be tough to dry it then after. Also, don’t use cold or very hot water during the furniture upholstery cleaning. Always use lukewarm water for cleaning. While you use the cleaner to clean the upholstered furniture, first try it in a smaller surface if you are using it for the first time to see how it reacts. Also, be very gentle during cleaning and scrubbing. If there are some stubborn stains, you can repeat the cleaning process instead of being harsh with the furniture.

These are the top tips that you can practice for furniture upholstery cleaning without investing in upholstery cleaning service. It will give a new life to your upholstered furniture.

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