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email marketing for small businesses

Email marketing is a reasonable technique to reach your clients effectively. The only data required by this process is the email addresses of the audience. This is a skilled job as you have to filter the data thoroughly. Surely, any mail sent to an inactive user is like wasting your time, money and energy. But it has never been an easy task; people are least interested in providing their email addresses to any random company. You should research thoroughly before contacting any email marketing expert. Although throughout the Australia, various marketing experts are located. Online marketing experts in Melbourne provide genuine advice in the least possible time. Before designing a new newsletter for any company, here are a few tips that you should keep in mind.

The Simple Subscription

Subscribe button should be easily visible and no one should be compelled to fill the form or click on subscribe icon. This is really annoying and irritating for the majority of users and may lead to significant decrease in the number of revisits on the page. Try to be as inviting as possible and do not act like a scarecrow. Ask visitors to sign up on your homepage, social media pages, and additional blog sites and on all the platforms you have your followers available. Subscription form should be specific and simple. Do not go overboard while mentioning the required field. The basic comfortable form includes the name and a valid email address. The name is essential for addressing the newsletter receiver.

Be Honest

Subscribers don’t mind receiving e-mails pertaining company information, current news, personal message from the CEO Desk, special offers, discounts, daily deals and essential tips. You just have to tell them how often they will be getting these updates. You should provide them with as many details as possible during signup so that they do not regret being on the list. Users like honesty, as we all know ‘Honesty is the best policy an organisation could have’. Gradually, this may lead to an adequate increase in your e-mailer list.

Welcome Email

As soon as the interested user has subscribed to your indigenous newsletter, automatic welcome email should be sent to the registered email id. The welcome email should consist of company details, lucrative deals and rare products tempting the user to respond. This acts as your way of thanking the user for their loyal support and interest in receiving notifications.

Design The Layout Of Your Newsletter

People usually use basic templates for their newsletter designs and tend to customise it according to the company’s brand strategy, logo and design before sending the email in bulk. These emails are not just normal emails but they are your help tools for attracting the user to your website. If your design looks familiar with your homepage, customers will instantly recognise your website. This eventually an inception, you just have to plant an idea. Rest is up to the designer and the marketing team.


Advertising an email marketing campaign is the crucial task. This includes promoting emails on various social media websites. These websites act as a catalyst for building traffic on your website. Every email should have social media icons ready to share the post on their specific profiles. Each share will lead to extra exposure of the exclusive content sent via email.

Easy to read

This is not a newspaper that everyone is keen on reading every single morning. Instead, it is some company’s random newsletter which is just filling up the inbox every week. Avoid lengthy paragraphs and break them into several simple short paragraphs embedded with responsive images. Your loyal subscribers are quite engaged people; they basically go through their email for two minutes but may be several times a day. The email should provide the user with maximum information and should have an interesting title which can compel the receiver to read it. Extra information should be on the different page (Preferably on any of the pages of your website) under the hyperlink saying “Read More”. This allows the users to read the content according to their will.

Target Audience

Digital advancement has made email marketing pretty effective in the past years. They have included various segments and interests which users can opt while subscribing. This helps a lot as, during deals and campaigns that target only a few locations, you might not want to offend other people by sending them invalid offers. This may lead to loss of loyal subscribers. You can filter the group into an infinite number of categories in relation with your company. Sending specific content to users will keep the readers engaged for a longer period and eventually compel them to share it with their friends. For example, let’s say there is a special offer going on which covers the only nearby location of your company, you might not want to send this exclusive email to everyone. Once again that will be like wasting time, resources and effort and moreover, annoying your customers. So the smart choice would be targeting those customers who come under that sphere. These nearby customers have better odds of buying the product than the subscriber living far.

Regular Updates

Just imagine, if you forget to send a weekly newsletter for about several months then the user will forget too. A regular newsletter is like a bond. Sometimes users unsubscribe or mark you as spam. This can avoid just by providing constant updates to the customer just making sure that you care for your subscribers.


Emails should always be tested before sending them to the clients. They should be tested on multiple devices like Desktop, Tablets and Cellphones. This is essential since you never know on which device the user will read your newsletter. Testing reveals minor mistakes to rectify and make sure that you are not caught by spam filter. This allows you to learn from your mistakes and take precautions during the next campaign.

When you are constantly working on publishing your newsletter. This leaves editors with ample amount of time for correction and revision. Once the campaign is initiated there is no going back and any error would be noticed by the user, resulting in a bad company reputation. Grammatically correct written content and attractive styling for emails are as important as they are for blogs, articles and websites. Sometimes even professional editors may require some edits or enhancements.

Spam rules
In Layman language, you can send mass emails only to people who are currently on your mailing list. You cannot target any random person whose email id you have extracted from various directories or social media websites. The majority of the people usually send spam emails during initial stages as they are unaware and have never bothered to look at the spamming rules.

The Rules
• Avoid using false header information.
• Do not use misleading and deceptive subjects.
• Should not be like an advertisement.
• The justifiable location should be mentioned.
• Unsubscribe button should be present on every email sent.
• If you have hired a third party for your email marketing then you are equally responsible for watching if the agency is following all these rules.

These authentic guidelines are followed by professional online marketing experts in Melbourne precisely!

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