How To Treat Your Senior Staff: Advice And Help

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If you own a business, you likely have a load of staff members. Some of them will be junior members, who still have a lot to learn. Others, though, will be senior. These people are the ones who have been with you for many years. You know that you can trust them implicitly, and so there is never any issue with them. If you want to make sure that they stay around, you need to treat them right. After all, your team is what makes your business strong.

Give them regular rewards

Do you already have a rewards system in place? If you want to show your senior staff members that you appreciate their work, you need to give them a reward. You could give them a few extra days of paid leave or even a bonus. These little gestures won’t mean all that much to you, but they will mean an awful lot to your staff. Think about ways in which you can show people that you recognize their hard work. Sometimes, people just want a pat on the back. As the boss, it is your job to give them one.

Ensure that they have perks

Who gets all the business perks in your office? If the answer is you, something is going wrong. Your staff deserve to have perks as well. For example, if one of your senior staff members has to travel for work, you could look at corporate apartments where they can stay. That way, they don’t have to mess around forking out money for a hotel. These perks are what make people love their job. If you want your staff to adore their role, you need to show them that it’s worthwhile.

Give them extra responsibilities

Since you can trust your senior staff members with almost anything, it’s time to take advantage of that. People love it when you give them extra responsibilities, which means that they adore having duties. You should give your team a few extra things to do. You might want to ask one staff member to oversee a project or look after a small team of people. In giving someone these responsibilities, you are letting them know that you trust them and the work they do. People love it when you let them take charge, and so you should give someone a chance.

Make them privy to information

Who do you share your private company information with and why? If you don’t tell anyone how things are going with the business, you’re making a mistake. You want your staff members to do more than just work for you – you want them to invest in the business. That means that you need to let them know what the deal is. If you get a new client, you should share this information with your senior staff. That way, they will feel as though they are important to the business, rather than meaningless clogs in the machine. Think about it.

Praise them for their efforts

When someone does a good job, you need to let them know. It might sound obvious, but many bosses never commend their staff on anything at all. If you don’t tell people that they are doing well, they will think that you don’t care. At the end of the day, people feed off the praise you give them. Let people know when they impress you. If you do so, you will see a massive difference in the way they act at work. Keep this piece of advice in mind whenever you talk to your staff. That way, they will know that their hard work is worth it.


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