How to Turn Your Mobile Device Into a HIPAA Compliant Medical Photography System?


For the physicians, medical photography is an important tool as it helps to explain several different procedures of a patient. Perfect medical photographs demonstrates the condition of the patient, the progress patient has made, and even helps to showcase the physician’s skill. By taking clinical photographs, a doctor can understand patient’s condition and prescribe proper medication required for the patient.

In the past, practices related to clinical photography was a difficult and costly matter as the doctor needed to implement high quality cameras and superior clinical photography systems. However, modern advances in the medical science have made the subject easier and physicians are now able to turn their mobile devices into a HIPAA compliant medical photography system. Thanks to the few user friendly apps that can turn literally any Smartphone into a high quality medical photography system.

Smartphone Cameras for Medical Photography:

One of the biggest concerns physicians have when they want to use their Smartphone as a medical photography system is the lack of flexibility in capturing medical photographs in their Smartphone. A medical photography app can be helpful in this regard as it can make the process of capturing clinical photographs easier and less expensive to the physician. Capturing medical photographs with those expensive cameras and uploading the images into a patient’s medical records were really tiresome process.

However, by using the recent medical photography apps, doctors can easily turn their gadgets into a high quality clinical photography system, even without compromising with their old electronic patient database management systems. All they need is to install the app on their Smartphone and images taken through the app are usually stored in the specific folder, created for a particular patient. As a result, it becomes a seamless process where doctors can easily access the images at the corresponding patient’s folders and can even attach notes to a particular image.

Advantages of Medical Photography App:

Once installed in the Smartphone, the medical photography app of www.medphotomanager.comacts as a two way communication system as the images taken through the Smartphone can be accessed both by the patients as well as by the physicians. On one hand, physicians can access the images folder, check a particular image, monitor patient’s medical condition, and attach a note beside the image, and at the same time patients can directly communicate with the doctors through the app.

This gives the doctor-patient communication another height. As the images taken through the app is directly stored on a HIPAA compliant cloud server, physicians also have the ability to share the same with their colleagues for consultation with a simple click of the button. They can even send a quick message through the app to the consulting doctors and take suggestions from them regarding the further treatment procedure.

Implementing this kind of medical photography app is literally a cost-effective solution as installing the app on a Smartphone merely costs a few additional bucks, much less than the cost of integrating a high-quality camera or other medical photography system available in the past.

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