How To Use Metal Cutting Bandsaw Machine Effectively


Metal Cutting Bandsaw MachineWhy use a Bandsaw Machine?

While bandsaw machines are usually associated with cutting wood, it has proven to be a reliable choice for cutting metal. There are many other methods of cutting metal that is automated, but nothing beats the quality of the handcrafted metal you can make with a bandsaw machine. While automatic cutting machines emphasize on speed, they sacrifice a bit on the quality side. With the bandsaw machine, you get reduced costs because you don’t have to maintain additional systems, and get extra precision because you will be cutting metal with your own hands. While the speed of cutting metal may be a bit slower, the precision is the most important factor when you’re doing this task, and in this task, the bandsaw machine excels.

How to Improve Metal Cutting Results with the Bandsaw Machine?

Bandsaws come in many variations, but they all share one same thing. It is a steel band with teeth that rotates on two wheels and cuts through the chosen material, in this case, metal. There are also a few guides and bearings that hold the metal in the desired position while you’re cutting it. You can choose from portable bandsaws that offer more portability but will make your job tougher as the vibrations will cause the cuts to be less precise. Floor bandsaw models are bulkier cousins of portable bandsaws, and they offer much better-cutting power and stability that is essential for cutting metal.

Bandsaw cuts often leave saw marks, so if you want to improve the cutting results, it is important to smooth over the rough edges. If you want to minimize lost material while smoothing over the rough edges, try cutting on the outside edges of the metal. It takes practice, sure, but when mastered, you can perfect your craft.

Make sure that the bandsaw teeth are hardened at all times. You don’t want to lose more time because the saw teeth are not sharp enough to cut through metal.

If you want to prevent overheating, it is essential to set up the saw blade correctly. You must position the guides so that the saw blade has enough space for cutting and to prevent unwanted overheating.

When the saw blade gets dull, immediately replace it. The cutting results will be much inferior with a flat blade. Before doing that, check the blade. If it’s just a little dirty, a good cleaning may be due. It will save you some time and money.

It is recommended to replace the stock saw blade because a simple upgrade can significantly improve the performance of the bandsaw. Blades with hardened teeth will undoubtedly improve the cutting performance. They may cost more, but they are a bargain if you want to increase the effectiveness of your bandsaw. When choosing saw blades, you’re looking at two other factors aside from quality; width and teeth per inch. If you’re doing straight cuts, wide blades are an ideal choice because their cuts won’t stray away from the target that often likes with narrow blades. If you’re cutting metal and emphasize on curves, then thin blades are a choice for you. The premise is simple: when the blade is thinner, it can turn more tightly.

When talking about teeth per inch (TPI), blades with lower TPI will be better for thicker metal, while blades with higher TPI will cut at reduced speed, but do the job more smoothly. The choice is entirely up to you depending on your preference.

An ideal saw blade is a midsized blade. With this kind of blade, you get the benefits of the wide and narrow saw blades, as you can make straight or curved cuts with a high efficiency. These blades will significantly reduce the need to change saw blades, as you can do almost every kind of cut with that saw blade.

It comes without saying, if you want to increase the performance of your bandsaw machine, you must sharpen it with a finishing stone. This method will significantly reduce the vibration of the saw blade, making every cut precise than ever while also increasing the life of the saw blade. The process of sharpening the blade takes up 5 minutes of your time and offers benefits that will last for the whole shelf life of your bandsaw.


Even though there are many faster methods to cut metal, not any of them are precise like the bandsaw cutting machine. It requires a lot of maintenance and a steady hand, but the work that has to be done to increase the effectiveness of the bandsaw surely pays off. With the bandsaw machine, you will cut metal more precise than ever, and that is the primary factor in becoming better than the competition. Aesthetics pay off after all.

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