Important Guidelines and Tips for Buying Rowing Machines for Home Use


Having a rowing machine at home is one of the best ways to stay healthy and fit. But, when it comes to buying one for your home you are stuck and have no idea where to start. This article is for those who are looking forward to buying rowing machines for their fitness workout at home. With many rowing machines available in the market, it is easy for you to go and just pick one, but that does not mean that you are picking the right one, the one, which is of good quality brand, with all the latest and features which gives you the advantages from the rowing. This article will guide you to while buying rowing machines for your home use.

Below are 6 of the best rowing machines you need to check out.

Plan The Budget You Want To Spend

There are various rowing machines and with that their price ranges accordingly. Therefore, it is important for you to plan and figure out how much you want to spend on a rowing machine, and stick to it. That way you can specifically search the right machine in that price range. So, the first important step before buying a rowing machine is to figure out a price range.

Figure Out What Type: Fixed or Foldable

In case if you are not aware, for home use, rowing machine has two types – fixed and folding. If you have enough space, then you can easily manage the fixed type of rowing machines for home use. But, suppose if you want to own a rowing machine irrespective of having big space are or not, then go for folding type of rowing machines. Either way, make your decision before you start checking before going out to buy the machine.

What Type of Resistance: Water, Air, Hydraulic, Machine

Rowing machines are further divided into four resistance types, with its own characteristics and advantages.

  • Air Rowing Machine is the most commonly used rowing machine. In this case, flywheels contribute resistance. It provides powerful resistance. The only minus point of the air rowing machine is that it makes strong noises while you are using it.
  • Hydraulic Rowing Machine type, in this you will find that the resistance comes from cylinders loaded with oil. The weight of these machines is very light and it is easy for storage too.
  • Magnet Rowing Machine is light in weight and noise effective, and the resistance system is adjustable. If you are looking to buy high features product, then magnetic rowing machine is what you should go for.
  • In the case of Water Rowing Machine, water contributes to the resistance. Smooth in nature, you will feel like you are rowing on real water. And the noise it makes is ok as it sounds almost alike when you do rowing outdoors with oars etc.

Pause A Moment To Check Out The Sliding Track, Seat And The Rower: Very Important

Make sure that the rowers are of long the materials and has good strong grip so that it assist you during your rowing. It is very important to check out the seat constituents and materials. The extent of the sliding track is also important and need to be checked out thoroughly before buying it. If possible have a trial with all these before buying.

Do not forget to check the Warranty

Last but not the least; never forget to check the warranty of the rowing machine before buying. Most of these rowing machines have 2 years warranty.

Rowing machines are not meant for seasonal use, even if most people think it is. Having a rowing machine for home use if one of the best fitness decisions you will never regret.

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