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Building your business online can relieve some of the pressures that came with building it in reality. Nothing is perfect, however. With the market expanding quickly, other players may be coming for your share. Act fast enough and smart enough, and you’ll have your customer’s eye for years.

So what is your online presence to be? It’s not just one thing. Online business can range from production and manufacturing to the distribution and customer services. Incorporating web-based solutions can help your business thrive.



Where do you start though? The first answer would be to have yourself a website. A website gives you your first foothold. It allows people to find you.

If the website is well designed and fit for purpose, you don’t have anything to worry about. Put your best foot forward with your website. It may be the first thing people see of you.

Now, how do you get people onto your website in the first place? Marketing a website can be very difficult for the uninitiated.

With the sheer amount of content online, it can be hard to gain traction. By employing a digital agency, you’re putting your web-marketing in the hands of people who know the tricks of the trade.

One of the ways people will find your website is through a search engine. A search engine takes entered keywords and finds relevant results. There is an algorithm that determines how high certain sites will appear on the list.

It could be your business is highly relevant to the entered key phrases. Unfortunately, it could be that the algorithm just isn’t picking your site up as relevant enough.

A digital agency should be able to raise your internet profile by creating content that links to your site. That will cause your site to rise in relevancy.

Once you have people coming to your site, you need ways for people to communicate with your business. An email inbox operated by one person on their lunch break will not cut it.

Email can form the basis of your customer services. Customers can easily get in touch with complaints or suggestions. The web is a quick way to find a solution, or at least make first contact.

Likewise, social media accounts are a good first line when it comes to promotion. Sites like Twitter and Facebook give you a direct line to customers. If you have a new offer on and are looking to draw business, listing it on social media should get you attention.

Social media can also be used in the case of complaints. It is rarely privately discussed, however. This can be bad if the issue gets out of hand. It can be good, however, if your company is shown to be reaching out with a solution and apologise.

The web is a powerful business tool. The immediacy of it also allows productivity to rise, and solutions to be found and implemented much quicker. It could easily work against you though, so be aware.

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