Jolla Tab Review

General Mobile Tech

Jolla is a company that is created by the previous Nokia employees. Its unique Sailfish OS is nothing like what you have already tried. The version 2.0 of this open-source OS is finally making its debut with the crown funded Jolla Tablet.
This tablet has a beautiful display of 2048 X 1436 pixel resolution and 7.58 inches screen. It has amazingly high brightness levels and extremely great viewing angles. It comes with 64 bit, 1.8 GHz Quad-Core Intel processor. It has two different versions depending on the storage. One of them offers 32 GB storage and the second one offers 64 GB storage. It has 2 GB memory. It has a 5 MP rear camera and 2MP front camera. It also allows us to make Full HD 1080p video. It is fully laminated and offers capacitive 5 points multi-touch. The other features include accelerometer, light sensor, gyroscope and compass. It also offers GPS and Bluetooth 4.0.
So the Jolla Tab has been announced but if it’s anything like the Jolla Phone it might be a while before it’s on the shelves.

You will be so addicted to its open source OS that you wouldn’t want to use any other OS again. It gives you the freedom of changing anything you like and whenever youwant. Due to the independent OS it is highly secure as it is the company policy that they would not share or sell your data to anybody. No third party is allowed to monitor your activity. Another good thing about this Jolla Tab is that you can view all your apps in one single view conveniently. Multitasking has never been easier as you can now access an app without fully opening it. You can switch to your favorite song without going to the app or you can simply pause the video without opening the video player. You can even download the Android apps on Jolla Tab from the apps market. If there isn’t an app available for Jolla Tab, you can always make your own.
The tablet is not very good when used in the sun in spite of its resilient backlight. Jolla Tab is definitely one of the best looking tablets present in the market. The built is quite sturdy yet stylish. It weighs the same as Sony Xperia Z4 tablet which doesn’t make it the lightest tablet. The front of the tablet is without any distractions so that you can view what’s on the screen without any interruption. This tablet can be ordered for $219 for the 32 GB version on IndieGoGo.

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