Life-Lustre Living – 3 Steps Toward a New You


Life-Lustre Living - 3 Steps Toward a New You

Even though the new year is well and truly underway (and your new year’s resolutions are most likely but a distant memory…) it’s never too late to change your life around and to enjoy a greater quality of life. Whether you have been putting off doing something that you know you should do, or if you are tired and frustrated in your work life or relationship, or if you are just sick of your old car and want a new one to kick the year off right – these simple steps will help.

But first, a little background…

We know that enjoying a quality life comes down to a few key things, and they are:

  • Having enough time and money to do the things you love
  • Being healthy enough to enjoy your life
  • Being in the right mindset to enjoy things as they happen in the moment

If you don’t have your health no amount of money in the world is worth anything to you.

Similarly, if you’re physically fit and have plenty of money but you’re so stressed out about work that you’re anxious all the time, nothing matters because you can’t really enjoy it. We want to set out three steps that you can take on the path to a new you in the hopes that you can enjoy a better quality of life, both now and in the future.

Treat yourself

One of the best ways that we know to make a positive change in your life is to treat yourself like you should be treated. If you’re always struggling with your old car, perhaps it’s time for you to upgrade to a new one – perhaps with a car broker like Cars and Co so that you get a great price. While it might be materialistic to think that a new car could make you happier, it’s actually been proven that when you invest in an experience you can be happier. And while yes, a new car is technically a ‘thing’, it’s actually an experience every time you hop into the driver’s seat.

Think about that – while stuff doesn’t make you happy, experiences do.

So, when you realise this, you will understand the value of treating yourself.

It might be something as simple as going to your favourite cafe, ordering your most-beloved slice of cake and sitting down for an hour with the paper. Or it might be splurging on a new Mercedes! Whatever you want to do for yourself, you will find greater happiness in approving of what your heart wants than in denying it.

Take on your fears

It can be tough to navigate the world we live in.

We’re all scared pantless of most things, and indulge in a variety of avoidance tactics (like lying, drinking, smoking to name but a few) that we hope will help to numb the feeling of failure, loss and regret. These methods work with varying degrees of success, but usually end up causing more harm than good.

We say, take on your fears.

Acknowledge that it’s very much a big part of being human to have fear and doubt, and then make it part of your life. Instead of drinking, try running as a stress reliever! It’s a lot cheaper and will end up making you feel about a million times better about yourself. Same goes with the fear of loss or rejection. Take it on board, recognise that it’s all inevitable and then go and volunteer at a homeless shelter, or perhaps an animal refuge. The people and creatures you meet there will show you their own stories, and you’ll feel a whole lot better about yourself.

Decide, don’t slide

Too many people on this planet end up doing things, committing to things, investing in things and generally engaging with people and events purely because of convenience and ease, instead of a solid decision. When you ‘slide’ into something, it takes precisely zero decision-making, except for the decision to decide you’re worth more, of course, which you didn’t make.

Imagine this: a couple who have been together for two years don’t live together, but then one of the couple has to move out of their apartment and because it’s easy – not necessarily because they want to – they end up living together. A year later, they’re married, just because it’s easier than breaking up (which is what both of them might like to do, but they’re too spineless to do it!). This is a textbook ‘slide’ and is something that you should avoid at all costs.

While these three steps are great on their own, you should combine a new life outlook with a great diet, exercise, and general healthy living. You’ll find it’s a whole lot easier to face a new you when you’re stress free and exercising regularly.

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