How to Make an Online College Education Work For You


College is tough. It’s tough for several reasons – number one, they don’t expect you to earn a degree for nothing. The hours, money, commitment and work put into getting a college diploma is significant, as is the perceived list of benefits.
Number two, college is expensive. Tuition fees are not exactly cheap, and students are falling deeper into debt as the years roll by and costs continue to rise. And as per a recent article on CNBC, federal grants are being relied on more than ever as tuition costs continue to rise far above all other living costs.

Finally, the future after college is no walk in the park. You’ll have better employment options and the opportunities you need to earn more and write off your debts – but you’ll also need to be strict with your budgeting and living standards, and possess both the proper work ethic and willingness to learn after college to best put that degree to use.

College is Worth Going To

Despite all that, college is worth it. Getting a degree puts you in a percentile of the population that can earn a much better salary and more nimbly avoid the dangers of unemployment. It doesn’t even really matter what degree you’ve earned, so long as you have one and the ethic and personality to back your usefulness.

There are exceptions where a degree almost guarantees you a decent position in a specific industry. As per Huffington Post, think advanced engineering, computer sciences (security, development, etc.) and mathematics (statisticians, data scientists and theoretical mathematicians are in high demand throughout defense, development and research industries). Besides this, a degree in medicine, law, finance or accounting is needed in order to pursue a position in these industries.

But not everyone can easily go to college. For one, it’s expensive – not just the long-term cost of debt, but the cost of living close to or on-campus. Then there’s the flexibility issue – if you rely on an existing position or job to sustain yourself, then an education full-time will potentially sideline that, which you cannot afford either. That’s where an online education comes into play.

Going to college through the internet is hard. It may save you money – after all, you’re saving on transport costs and college events and interactions – but ultimately, the lack of a proper learning environment or classroom, and the lack of physical contact and peer pressure means that you have to rely entirely on your own willpower, motivation, determination and discipline to pull through school.

To some, that’s no challenge. To most, that’s incredibly difficult. So much that online college is notoriously difficult to pass – and as per the New York Times, most regular colleges offering online courses have observed that their students are having the hardest of times actually finishing their education online. But there are solutions.

Graduating from College through the Internet

You can get an online Master of Science Accounting degree through an institution like CBU Online, while you might fail if you attempt the same feat through your regular community college in California.

The key to a great online education and tertiary degree is through an institution that knows what it’s doing. There are differences between institutions that are traditionalist in their approach to a college education and offer online courses simply as an alternative – and institutions that have entire faculties dedicated to teaching students through the Internet, with state of the art technologies behind them.

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