Few Mistakes Which People generally tend to make during the Practice of Cycling.


Whether you are a semi-pro cyclist or a beginner, if you wish to reach your goal, having proper training strategies and plans for cycling is definitely a must. Your aim might be to take part in the charity cycling events, century ride, multi day tours or even team cycling.

To prepare yourself for these events, one thing is for certain and that is, you need to follow an organized, solid plan. All professional and experienced cyclists like Joshua Hunt will tell you that they have their own training routines which are customized for cycling which they dedicatedly follow, because without a proper plan, one’s training is just inefficient. You cannot just go out and ride around meaninglessly on your bicycle until you realize and think that you have actually done some proper solid training. It is no different from riding simply for fun.

Here are the top 3 common mistakes people make when following a training plan.

The first mistake that people usually make is that they do not maintain a balanced diet chart. Most good training programs include proper nutrition. Joshua Hunt, who took up racing cyclist at the age of 16 years, claims that a good diet would be one that consists of a good combination of protein and carbohydrates. The two main ingredients for surviving longer events are energy and hydration. During training, the body loses a lot of salt and body fluid which accounts for the majority of the weight loss. It is usually advisable to consume an equal amount of fluids while training and measure your weight after and before training. It is also essential to have a proper diet as you need the energy to help you keep up with the demands of hard practice and training. The focus is more on proteins as it is needed to build muscles especially in the guards and gluts, during workouts for cyclists. Carbohydrates can be found in many drinks and sport bars and it is needed for the body to absorb the extra protein.

The second mistake most people make is that they do not listen to their body and are not flexible at all. Every single day they follow their routine without fail and disregard the signs of fatigue of the body. They get puzzled at the end of the week as to why they do not see the results that they expected. Along with proper training, it is also important to allocate ample time for rest and recovery of the body after a day of hard work out. Just listening to the signs of your body will tell you whether you should train less or more that day. Tips from a pro cyclist Joshua Hunt will help you do the right thing.

The greatest mistake people usually make is not having clear goals in mind. Even though their maximum race time is only one hour, they end up getting too hung up on mileage. You should be very comprehensible and clear of what your aims and objectives are when you come up with your plans for training for cycling so that you do not focus on the wrong type of training. For shorter events and races, it is appropriate to work on leg strength by doing some workouts and for the longer races cardiovascular health and endurance power.

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