Open Lock from Home with BBS Locksmith Berlin



Open Lock from Home with BBS Locksmith Berlin3Open Lock from Home with BBS Locksmith Berlin

The service of open lock or lock without a key, BBS Schlüsseldienst Berlin can get you out of any trouble. This using specialized techniques of locksmith. If the key is lost can be the key to the lock or lock so that you do not have to change all the lock or padlock.

Open Carriage

Do closed your cart and left the keys inside? Do you not find? In BBS Schlüsseldienst Berlin we service open your car in case you have been with the keys inside or have forgotten, no matter at what location you are.

If the keys are lost can be developed and program keys in case of having integrated chip.

Installation of Locks

We offer the service of installation of locks most complete on the market. We have installation in wood or metal, all kinds of locks and of all brands. This includes traditional locks, mechanical, electrical, cons shock, combination locks, magnetic fasteners, etc. leverages all the variety that we have to ensure your home, business, etc.

Maintenance of locks

If the padlocks and locks that you have are not new, many times it is not necessary to change them but if you can give them some kind of maintenance already that deteriorate. We count with maintenance and repair of locks, padlocks, parts exchange, adjusting mechanisms. Checks the status of the padlocks and locks and dales maintenance, if necessary, in this way will comply with its function as if they were new.

Key to a lock

Change all the lock is not always necessary. If you lost your keys and do not want to spend on a new lock complete, so we offer you the service to make the keys for the lock that you already have.

Change of Combination

This service consists in changing the combination or key to a single lock or padlock. This is of great importance when you misplace the keys and it is also highly recommended for when it comes to a house of income in where you do not know if the people who lived before was left with some key, etc.

Match keys in different Locks

If you have a lot of keys and is a nuisance load or know what is key for each lock, we have a solution for you. We make two or more locks or Locks open with the same key, this is very convenient because you can undo all the different keys that you have.


In BBS Schlüsseldienst Berlin we have a service to different locks open with a master key and that each keep your personal key. In this way you can be sure that only a key has access to each and every one of the locks, while the rest of the keys only open a lock.

Special adaptations

We have additional services and special projects such as the extension of a cylinder for doors of greater thickness, extension of latches, etc. In BBS Schlüsseldienst Berlin we find a solution to any problem or situation that you are present, in relation to keys, locks, padlocks and more.

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