What is Sodium Selenite and its uses?

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Sodium selenite is one of the inorganic compounds and it is a colorless salt. This type of compound is prepared when there is a reaction between both selenium dioxide and sodium hydroxide. When it is heated to 40 degree centigrade, the resultant hydrate will convert into salt. It is used in glass manufacturing companies and […]

CCTV Catches Violence of Nepalese Earthquake Part 1

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The Nepali capital Kathmandu was rocked a large earthquake and aftershocks on Saturday, April 25. The United States Geological Survey reported that the magnitude 7.9 earthquake was centred around 35km east of Lamjung. The quake was felt as far south as Delhi in India. This CCTV footage is described as showing the moment the earthquake […]

Why your business needs a website Design company mumbai

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A business to be successful in their endeavors needs a website of the business in the internet. Best websites enable the business to enjoy the advertisement features which can promote the business to a great extent. A business can create huge demands for the products and services of the business if their website presentation is […]

Why Having a Good Online Presence is So Important

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There is a lot of debate over how much a person or a business’s online presence really matters. With all the new trends and fads today with social media and other technology, it is easy to believe why so many people think that their online presence is the only thing that matters. Though it is […]