How to prepare your car for shipping overseas?

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No matter how much the shipping company may convince you that your car is in safe hands, you will still be bothered about the safety of your vehicle. Statistics say that only 5% of the transported vehicles sustain any considerable damage. But, better safe than suffer. You must minimize the risk of getting your car damaged during the transportation.

When you hire the best car shipping service, they will look after most of the things. But, it is your duty to keep your car safe. So, here are some handy tips on how to prepare your beloved car for transport –

Inspection –

  • Check your car for any pre existing damages that have occurred. Do not forget to list down these damages.
  • Wash your car thoroughly.
  • Write down all the dents, chips, and scratches on your car.
  • Take pictures of your car in bright light, from several angles. This will be a very important evidence in case of damage during the transit. Do not forget to take dated photographs.
  • Also mention all the above things to the transporter. It is better if they make an official note of all the damages.

Clean the car

  • After washing your car, you must clean the interiors of the vehicle.
  • Take off any personal items or custom products that are placed in the car.
  • Stereos, TVS, GPS systems, video and DVD players, radio faceplates and CD players are to be removed to avoid theft. You can ship all these stuff separately.
  • You must remove all the movable and removable objects in the car to avoid damage. Vehicle transporters will sometimes not be licence to move any other objects. As you are transporting overseas, you must make sure the car does not contain anything that is illegal or not licence by the company. Also, any damages for your personal items will not be looked after as it is not covered under insurance.
  • As the overseas move is going to be long, you must make sure that your car does not contain any hazardous materials. So, empty the fuel tank. Remove all the gasoline in the tank. Disconnect or temporarily remove the batteries.
  • Keep the documents of your car updated and ready to provide when asked. You must have cleared all the taxes and due bills.

Shipping a car overseas is no big deal if you do everything right. Ship my car overseas is an easy task if you follow the above steps without fail.

I got this information fromĀ CarCareNinja

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