Why red is the new favorite for Prom night?


Think of the color red. I am sure just the thought of it would have incited a vivid mixture of emotions in you. This wonderful color stands for so many feelings like love, passion, seduction, fire, royalty, grandeur and adventure. No wonder Taylor Swift based a whole album on it! The warmth and positivity of this primary color is the reason why Hollywood and the elite are so obsessed with it.

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Now, picture prom, the most awaited milestone of every high school teenager. Your favorite chick flicks and rom-coms have glorified prom enough making it more than a regular night out. Apart from the flashy ambiance, drama, epic dance movies, excitement for prom king and queen, prom is also an important step on the path into adulthood, with the prom dress symbolic to coming of age. Young adolescents step into the shoes of adults as they feel all grown up in their dresses and suits living their pop culture dreams on their end of school reality. It is also an irresistible opportunity to show off their dress, date and peer groups on social media.

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Prom night maybe a happy ending, but the preparation for it is an elaborate process.  Most girls believe if they miss or ruin prom they’ll miss out on an essential part of their life and regard the prom passport as having priceless value. Finding the dream dress cannot be all that difficult when you know what exactly looks great and we are about to answer your prayers. Yes, you guessed it right. A red prom dress! Sounds like a match made in heaven, doesn’t it? Here’s why red should be the only color you must wear for your prom this season.

Psychology behind red

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Humans are so sensitive that we perceive more than we believe and let our external sensations affect our actions, emotions, and state of mind. Fashion and marketing industries have perfectly understood this phenomenon and are using it to subconsciously impact the behavior of the target audience and customers.

Psychology proves that red is associated with strength, power, success, and prosperity. and motivates the wearer to take command of the situation and improves the chances of winning, breeding victory.

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So wear red and be a winner this prom. Who knows? To your surprise, you may even go on to win the prom queen title. Red will make you stand out in the crowd and intimidate onlookers. Do you feel the ‘lady in red’ was so attractive only due to the design of her dress? No, all the credit goes to the color red as it brings out her confidence, accentuates her features, helps her stand taller than the rest and presents her best. So if you are going shopping don’t hesitate to choose red as it’ll be one of the best decisions of your life.

Why only red?

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As much as red speaks for itself, it also defines and enhances the wearer’s facial features and physique. It does the job better than black as it adds on brighter bling. The classic color compliments every skin tone on the spectrum, but you’ll have to decide what shade of red goes with your color best. Red looks amazing on every hair dye from blonde to brunette to jet black. It also adjusts well with your body frame no matter what your body type is.

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Another advantage with red is that all types of jewelry like gold, silver, platinum and diamonds, pearls and other gemstones blend perfectly with it. Makeup in moderation with a dash of hot red lipstick that matches your dress and you’ll make you look like a stunner. Various designs, hemlines, nets, and sleeve types can be cut out of red clothing each out matching the other in its luster and reputation.

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You solve the worry about your dress coordinating with your prom date’s outfit, as it contrasts and highlights colors like black, dark blue, brown, beige, off white and grey which is pretty much one of the colors your partner will decide to wear.

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