How to Remove Mineral Deposits

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Mineral deposits over the faucets and around the plumbs are hard to remove, and strong detergents, combined with brushing might scratch the surface. Try to use vinegar on a clean cloth to wipe over and make faucets shine. You don’t have to use water and wash out again.

Clean at Once Shower Liner

No one thinks about the liner, but it still gathers dirt and bacteria. To deal with it at once you can take this trick – put it in the washing machine along with an old towel. Add a cup of vinegar together with a cup of normal washing soap. Then cycle it at a normal program on a lower temperature. No need to dry it after, just hang it back to leave the water drip. Remember to remove the hooks before you put it into the machine.

Everyone just hates to clean tiles, because they need so much scrubbing. Thankfully we do have some homemade mixtures in mind! Try mixing baking soda with bleach. Then use it to spray the tiles. You need to leave it to work at least one hour before you wash it. Remember to use gloves and mask if possible, as the bleach gives unpleasant gases. Your bathroom needs to be well ventilated. The bleach will disinfect the tiles, whiten them while the soda will make them shine without scrubbing. Use the squeegee to remove all left water and moisture as the final step. Visit carpet cleaning brisbane

Clean Toilet

There is no fast way to clean the toilet. At least you can do it right. Always use disinfecting liquid and round brush on the toilet bowl – the round brush reach even under the rim. You need to wait a while before you move on to brushing it. Before you start you can rinse it first with hot water. It will help you with stains and a disturbing ring of dirt in the toilet bowl. A disinfecting spray will do for the rest of the toilet. You can spray over the rim, seat, and tank. Wipe it clean and finish with clean microfiber.

Refresh Vanity Cabinet

You need to choose how to clean the vanity cabinet, depending on the material it’s made of. If it’s made of marble, ceramic tiles or other natural stones you need to choose cleaner lacking acid, with a neutral PH. Some colored cleaners might soak into the material, so choose a transparent one and avoid vinegar or lemon juice here. Wipe the surface with a soft cloth, don’t scrub it. Use the event of cleaning to store any unused items, which you usually leave on the cabinet.

Easy Cleaning Tiles

Leave Only What You Need

You have probably made your bed, but everything else is waiting. Start with organizing the space, remove all unnecessary belonging from the furniture, put the laundry in the washing machine, while cleaning the bedroom. With the vacuum cleaner accessories, you can get rid of the dust quick, even the hard reachable spaces and inside the closet. Keep close everything you need, from dry and wet cloth for dust and stains, to multipurpose sprays.

Clean Headboards

You can clean the headboards with lemon oil! It smells fresh and gives a delicate gloss to any furniture surface. Read more here what else you can do with lemon oil.

Mirrors and Windows Cleaning

Use either dishwasher salt or vinegar mixed with the water to clean mirrors and windows fast. Scrub the windows with a soft sponge, then put the squeegee at work. This is the best and fastest way to clean high and difficult to reach windows. To get brilliantly shiny finish use clean and new microfiber cloth.

Mattress, Linen, and Curtains

You can buy linen spray or make yourself one to refresh your mattress and bed cover along with the sheets. Use 30 drops of essential oil, 100ml vodka and 2 cups of water. This will sanitize and make them smell good and fresh. Flip the mattress from time to time to preserve its proper shape. Also here you can use the vacuum.

The easiest way to take care for your home curtains is just put them into the washing machine on a special program for delicate clothes and then hang them back wet. Remember to leave the curtains last after you’re done with the cleaning.

Organize Your Closet

Here are some useful tips to free some space inside your closet instantly. First, start with clothes – just get rid of everything you will never wear again, don’t be sentimental, they’re just clothes. Inside the closet, you can hand pegboards to store smaller items, like belts and jewels. In the hangers section, you can put canvas shelves to use the full capacity of the closet. Store your shoes in plastic boxes. We mean more than one pair per box! Use vacuum plastic containers to store your winter clothes and save half of the space. Use slim hangers to save even more space. Don’t hesitate to take it to the ceiling, every inch of the closet is there to fill it with extra drawers.

Attic Cleaning Tips

Get Rid of Useless Items

Start with emptying the space. Think about all the clothes you store, you will never wear again. You can donate them and free some fresh space. Try to label the boxes to know what’s inside next time. You can put all bulky and large items at the entrance so you easily throw them away or put them back after you’re done with the cleaning.

Vacuum Clean

Always use a vacuum cleaner with a filter. Wear mask while you’re cleaning. The dust at the attic contains allergens and might cause health problems.

Deal With Mold

Many people have problems with water leaks and mold appears. To finally deal with it you can spray over the infected areas with a mixture of water and bleach. The bleach will kill fungus and whiten the space. Buy an air drier to prevent unwanted moisturizing of the air, as you keep your attic closed. Try to open the windows at least once a week for a couple of hours.

Exterminate Insects

If you have suffered from insect invasions you know how difficult it is to chase them away. At first, try with electronic insect killer, which you can plug into the grid. If this doesn’t work, we suggest calling a specialist who uses non-toxic agents.

Basement Cleaning Tips

Basement cleaning feels like working in a coal mine – you’re exhausted to death. Since you can’t do it quickly, you can at least spare some efforts with our tips.

Start From The Top

Before you go forward with the cleaning routine you first need to follow the same steps about organizing the space, we mentioned above for the attic. Start from the top with the vacuum cleaner / again use filter and mask/, remove dust from the shelves, blinds and windows and finally the floor.

Clean The Floor

Most people have a concrete floor in their basements which is really hard to clean. To clean extremely dirty floor pour detergent and a small coffee cup of ammonia into a bucket of hot water. Scrub the floor with a nylon brush, not metal to reveal its original color.

Remove Moldy Smell

In order to remove unpleasant odor in the basement, you can use bleaching powder /chlorinated lime/. It will take away the smell for one night and kill all microorganism. The powder can be vacuumed as it’s a dry cleaning method.

Remove Rust

Rust is difficult to remove from concrete floors. Here you can put in work dry cement and rub the floor with a nylon brush. The cement will scrub the floor and take away the rust. Do this before everything else.

Use Basement Space Wisely

Carefully choose what to keep inside it and how to keep it. Maybe it’s time to buy some new shelves? You can use the space from the bottom to the top. Make sure you have different sized shelves for big or small items and boxes. Install closet, for clothes, winter shoes or sports equipment. You can add as many drawers /they better be plastic/ as you want to store smaller objects. You can put a magnetic pegboard for all your tools.

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