Research suggests switching to e-cigarettes could save 6.6 million American’s lives


Would you believe if we say that more than 6.6 million deaths could be avoided in America over a span of a decade if smokers ditched their tobacco cigarettes and switched to e-cigarettes? If you wish to witness the endgame of smoking, you should adapt yourself to the habit of using the different nicotine alternatives among which e-cigarettes seem to be the most common one. According to an analysis of the possible health advantages of making the smokers quit smoking tobacco, the researchers concluded that the 6.6 million who ditched cigarettes and shifted to vaping e-cigs would live for a total of 86.7 million more years!

These findings would rather assist the US Surgeon General and the health community to design a strategy to end the game of smoking cigarettes which cause harm. The older policies should be replaced with policies which motivate the replacement of combustible cigarettes with the electronic ones which don’t release any tar and smoke.

The global science community has been categorized over e-cigs and whether or not they’re a vital tool for public health or as a therapy for nicotine replacement. E-cigs are also called vapes and they don’t contain any tobacco, unlike the traditional cigarettes. However, the e-liquids can contain certain strength of nicotine which the user inhales in the form of vapour. There is nothing that burns in an e-cig and hence there is no smoke. What you inhale is pure vapour.

There are several specialists which include health experts who think that the e-cigs are a low-risk alternative to tobacco and this could help the active smokers in quitting smoking. It was also published in the journal Tobacco Control the few best-case scenarios which spoke about the outcomes of cigarette smoking and the harm that it caused to human health. They were not only the main cause behind cancer but smoking was also the biggest preventable cause of death in the US.

If the most pessimistic scenario was taken into consideration, it was still found that 1.8 million former tobacco smokers could avert premature death while in the optimistic scenario, the numbers were 6.6 million. Besides the total number of lives that were saved, there are also immense health advantages which included reduced occurrence of heart and respiratory issues and reduced risk of suffering from cancer due to being exposed to second-hand smoke.

According to V2 UK Ecigs, the benefits are huge and they speak about the vitality of embracing e-cigs and ditching tobacco cigarettes. This is the new generation nicotine replacement therapy.

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