Sewing for Beginners: Choosing the Best Sewing Pattern That Fits


If you want to start a dressmaking hobby, you don’t need to buy a sewing design. But purchasing a sewing pattern will be a good start when you want to start the hobby. If you’re going to make or design your dresses, it is better to know everything about how are patterns put together. The best way to do this is to start sewing a pattern, or if you don’t have time, you can buy a commercial pattern. 

Sewing patterns for beginners

You can try to look for a sewing design with “quick” or “easy” in the label so you can make sure that the designs are not full of complicated techniques. Clothes with just a few patterns are best for beginners, who want to learn the basics of sewing. The cloth you choose should be easy to work with, not slippery like silk and rayon or stretchy like Lycra spandex knit. The best fabric to work on for beginners is either woven cotton or Polyester-cotton. 

Sewing pattern brands

New look and Burda/Simplicity – Many patterns are made for sewing beginners. If you want an easy pattern, look for patterns with Easy or Super Easy on their labels.

McCall’s – This pattern brand has lots of straightforward patterns. They have a different kind of difficulty rating, so you need to filter the search results to find the patterns with Easy or Very Easy patterns. They have two collections for beginners, Easy patterns and Learn to Sew for Fun patterns.

Vogue – One of the most popular brands in the world, Vogue focuses on patterns used by designer clothes. Even though their patterns are for designer clothes, they are not difficult to make. You can also filter their difficulty level search results to get the patterns that suit you. Vogue collection for beginners includes Vogue Easy option and Very Easy Vogue. And for the record, Vogue is owned by another company, McCall’s.

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Butterick – Another brand that has a wide range of sewing designs, Butterick is one of the best patterns in the market today. Again, they have difficulty ratings, so, you need to look for patterns that are either easy or very easy. Butterick is also owned by McCall’s since 2001.

Kwik Sew – Another company with a wide range of designs, and another company owned by McCall’s.

Aside from these big companies, there are a lot of independent sewing pattern companies that offer perfect patterns for beginners. The most popular independent pattern companies are Colette, By Hans London, Sewahilic, Dew Over It and Tilly and the Buttons.

Most independent designs are available with traditional paper patterns, some of them have a digital PDF downloads that you can print out and assemble it yourself. They are more expensive compared to more prominent sewing designs brands, but there are good designs available. You only need to find the right pattern that is suitable for beginners. Some pattern companies have video tutorials to accompany the patterns.

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Magazines and books for sewing patterns

If you are on a tight budget, your best option is to look for designs in individual sewing books or magazines instead of buying a much expensive pattern. Most sewing patterns found in sewing books and magazines are printed in tissue sheets or sometimes, in big sheets of paper so you can trace them in any papers that you want. As long as you like the dress or the clothes, it is best to buy a sewing book so that you can get more information on every sewing technique, and it is also much cheaper compared to buying individual designs.

And finally, most magazines for sewing like Love Sewing includes free patterns, many of which can be used by beginners. Magazines like Burdastyle Magazine also published monthly magazines that have at least 50 to 60 patterns every edition. But if you are starting this hobby, magazines are not the best place to find new patterns since most they publish are not beginner-level type. 

Free sewing patterns

You can also find free patterns on the internet, to download or print out. You can check Sew So Easy’s projects for the new hobbyist or beginners, or you can check Because these patterns are for free, you can’t expect all of them to be easy or very easy. It varies from beginners to professionals. My advice to beginners is to buy a design for your first few projects, and if you get the hang of it, you can now move on to free and difficult patterns. More free patterns with video tutorials assume that people who use them have basic knowledge in sewing. If you want to start this hobby, it is better to spend a little money on beginners sewing pattern for more detailed instructions.

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