Simple and creative ideas for outdoor privacy screen

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Privacy screens provide privacy and security to your room exteriors and also define the periphery of your property. The growth in the field of material and manufacturing processes has made it possible to provide you a wide range of privacy screen options. You can choose for different size, shapes, shades, and designs. Ranging from the composite outdoor privacy screen to metallic screens, you can choose any type that matches best to your landscape design. Too many options can make picking the right type of privacy screen tricky, but a little pre-knowledge can make the job easier.

  • Aluminium slat

There is no competition of aluminium slats when it comes to a modern style privacy screen. These are lightweight and can be customized to fit any application. Aluminium slats add elegance and freshness to your surroundings. These can be power coated with any color to suit the theme of your home outdoor.

  • Composite timber slat

In the present day and time composite timber screens are gaining huge popularity. These are made of a combination of hardwood and plastic which makes them more durable than timber. You can span them to any distance with no warping. Composite timber does not rot and need no oiling or maintenance. These are available in natural wood or in painted wood look.

  • Hardwood timber screen

Hardwood timber slat screen is ideal for the purists who have a flair for natural and real look. This type of screens enhances the background of your plant and other garden elements. These require oiling every few years. You can easily include doors in these screens.

  • Laser cut screen

Laser cut screens are the latest development in the privacy screens. Beautiful patterns are cut with the help of laser which make these screens very decorative. You can choose from a variety of colors and also get your customized pattern for the screen.

  • Wall surfaces or fences

These are the most primitive and obvious methods to obtain privacy and marking boundaries. These also serve as potential barriers for intruders. Mostly people think of walls and fences to be dull and regular. However, you can find many options in material and designs to suit your space.

  • Using bamboos

Bamboos are attractive alternative to privacy screen. You can include bamboos living, dead, or expanding. The varying height, density, and thickness add more interest to your outdoor. Bamboos blend with your garden elements and give more natural and realistic feel. You can also include doors or window frames in the screen. Different types of bamboos have different costs, so you can choose the one that suits the best to your pocket.

  • Rough outside pattern

Be it clothing, accessories, styling, or construction, rough and weathered look is in fashion. Older looking fences are in demand as they provide more vintage look to your home. A rough look is achieved by painting the wood white, then black, and then sanding the black. This provides high spots of the wood in white.

  • Metal sculpture

These are the most artistic looking privacy screens. It is created by welding the recycled metal scrap together. Every fence so created is unique and interesting elevates the look of your place.

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