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Singapore Tour Packages From India


Being a Southeast Asian country, Singapore attracts thousands if not millions of Asian tourists per year. In India too, every day hundreds of flights leave from the international airport terminals to take off to The Lion City. Travellers, students, businessmen, families, couples, merchants and people from all walks of life travel to Singapore each day. Whether you avail it with or without stopovers, there is a whole range of assorted holiday packages offering cheap to expensive Singapore Tour Packages from India. 

Mentioned below are a few tips you need to take care of while travelling to Singapore from India.

  • Rules, Regulations & Visa

As you might have heard too, Singapore is the city of law. It abides by strict adherence of rules and regulations. So before you avail a Singapore tour package from India, make sure you have your visa ready, as well as the supporting documents and ID Proofs for validation.

  • Indulge in a Melange of Flavours

After Malaysia and Kuala Lumpur, Singapore is the food capital of South East Asia. From Malay cuisine to Pernankan platters, Nyonya brunches, exotic Indian-Chinese combos and Singaporean dishes, there’s a lot to explore from the variety of mouth-watering dishes. Even though there are a lot of popular restaurants and a lot of food festivals going on in the country, when you select a cheap Singapore tour package from India, make sure to check the section on meals and dining joints.

  • Carry loose cash in the form of Singapore dollars

Singapore is the paradise for shopping lovers. Even though there are several malls, supermarkets and shops that offer cheap products without burning holes in your pockets, it’s always a good idea to carry some extra loose cash. And of course, you can go for window shopping as well. Chinatown Street market is a great option.

  • Hopping into the Singaporean Culture

Indians exude their richness of culture through vibrant colours, monuments, languages and legendary tales of history. In the similar vein, Singapore too is a country rich in history, heritage and culture. Availing a package tour from India to Singapore will let you dive into a new cultural valley while finding the traces of both the cultures. Oh! And don’t forget to visit the Little India here!

  • Affordable Singapore to India Tour Packages

While you might wonder that Singapore is a city too expensive while travelling from India, it’s not that much. There are a number of good to great hotels, resorts, guesthouses available from affordable to luxe. And so are the packages. Plan in your budget and you will find a cheap and in-budget package tour from Singapore to India.

  • Engage in the Singapore-style Ayurveda

India is the melting pot of Ayurveda and naturopathy. However if you take a package tour from Singapore to India, do explore the Singaporean style Ayurveda too. With scintillating spa parlours bustling with men and women, Singapore houses some of the world-famous messieurs in body arts. Get the famous foot massage on Coral Island or engage in the popular Balinese-style fish pedicure sessions.

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