Six Vital Questions To Ask Before You Rent Your Apartment

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Although our properties and circumstances differ, there is one thing we all have in common: the desire to improve. Regardless of how well your home looks, you cannot shake the nagging feeling in the back of your head that it could be even better. Some people like to use interior design tips while others prefer alternative methods, but your best bet is to use your knowledge. Yep, the one trait that everyone possesses is the one trait that will stop you from making a big mistake.

For all you apartment lovers out there, then, here are the five questions you have to ask before you decide to rent.

What’s The Average Renewal Rate?

The renewal rate is how often people living at the facility renew their lease after it expires. The rate is a good indicator of how well the previous tenants enjoyed their time there, which is something you can use to your advantage. The higher the renewal rate, the higher the reputation. It is just like asking the people who reside in the apartment complex what they think of it, without having to talk to them face to face!

How Old Is The Building?

In the perfect world, age wouldn’t come into the equation. However, we don’t live in a perfect world. Age is a problem where apartments are concerned because that increases the chances of things going wrong. Just like we do, apartments start to fall apart as they get older!

Have There Been Any Renovations?

Fortunately, age is not something that consigns an apartment building to the scrapheap. As long as the owners have made the necessary repairs, the apartments should be as good as new. For example, if there was a problem with the heating, all it takes is a good quality heating system and a professional electrician. As a result, a problem like that can be easily dealt with.

Also, the renovations can tell you a lot of about the apartment. If there has been mould in the past, for example, there is likely to be mould in the future. You have to be incredibly proactive where mould is concerned to keep it away.

Are There Any Planned For The Future?

Although they are important, you don’t want to be living in a bomb site for the first couple of weeks after moving. Getting used to your new surroundings is hard enough without a team of builders crashing through the walls!

Are The Utilities Included?

The advertisement should tell you whether the bills are included if any. Still, it is nice to double check just in case you get a bill for the first month. What looked like a great apartment at first might soon change if the bills are not included in the rent.

How Does The Maintenance Situation Work?

Does the apartment building have a team or is it just one person? When an emergency inevitably hits, you want to know how to deal with the situation. That way, you can minimise the damage from the beginning.

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